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An Interview with Eastbourne Chiropractor Dr Joshua French: Part 1

January 3rd, 2018 114 post views

If you’ve been to Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne, you may have spotted our friendly sports chiropractor Dr Joshua French. Dr Joshua started at Lushington Chiropractic in the spring after moving to Eastbourne from his home town in Surrey. With a keen interest in sports, I thought it a good idea to get to know how Joshua became inspired to be a chiropractor.

The interview is split into three parts, I hope you enjoy getting to know him!

Image shows Eastbourne Chiropractors Dr Gemma Crouch and Dr Joshua French seated in the X-Ray Suite at Lushington Chiropractic

Dr Gemma asks the questions to Dr Joshua, our sports chiropractor.

Part 1

 So, Josh, what made you want to become a chiropractor?

 Well, when I was twelve years old I was very interested in playing rugby and over the course of a season I started developing some pain in my calf muscles. I tried going to different medical professionals for help, but the problem did not start to improve until I saw a chiropractor near me and started receiving chiropractic care. The treatment I had absolutely fascinated me, and I was amazed that my chiropractor knew so much about the human body. After this experience, I found chiropractic care really interesting and decided that it would be a fulfilling career path to choose. After studying chiropractic at university, I was lucky to find such a good chiropractic clinic here in Eastbourne to work at, which has made my decision even more rewarding.

Is it true you worked alongside a premiership football club before you moved to Eastbourne?

Yes, it is true!

Before I moved to Eastbourne to start working at Lushington Chiropractic, during my final year at chiropractic university I worked alongside the medical team at AFC Bournemouth as a chiropractic intern. This was a position that I had wanted to achieve for a few years and for me it was a very fulfilling and rewarding role. It was especially interesting to see how chiropractic care could be implemented into such an advanced and well-funded medical team. While I was there I worked alongside the head physiotherapist and team doctor, and head chiropractor to ensure that the players were functioning at their best. This meant assessing the players and prescribing them specific corrective exercises to ensure that they were at their most injury resilient throughout the football season.

How did you become interested in sports chiropractic?

Growing up, I was always passionate about playing sports – from football to golf and rugby. My sporting career’s highlight was going on a rugby tour to New Zealand and during this tour I experienced first-hand the help that a sports chiropractor can give to a team; not just for pain relief, but for maximising performance day-to-day and enabling the team to achieve higher goals throughout the season. Now that I am working in Eastbourne as a chiropractor, I am looking forward to working with the local sports teams that we have here and helping them chase optimum performance.

If you play sports for a local Eastbourne sports club and would be interested in how I could help you and your team, please feel free to contact us at Lushington Chiropractic.

How would you be able to help Eastbourne sports clubs and Eastbourne athletes?

Due to my past experiences working within a premiership football club, I believe I can offer a distinct advantage to a sports team. Specifically, I can perform movement screening and functional assessment to analyse the injury risk of the players. Treatment wise I can offer multiple modalities favoured by athletes worldwide such as taping, dry needling, iastm and also adjustments and manipulations for the spine and the extremities. On top of this, I can work with the team in the delivery of a strength and conditioning programme or rehabilitation programme. Overall, the combination of all the above can help a team excel.

Thank you Joshua for your time today!

Look out for part 2 of an interview with Eastbourne Chiropractor Dr Joshua French.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Crouch

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