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Behind the scenes with the Clinic Assistants at Lushington Chiropractic

December 24th, 2016 477 post views

The Lushington Chiropractic Clinic Assistants

Do you ever wonder what the clinic assistants get up to when they are not managing the front desk or answering the phones?  We get to see lots of guests here at Lushington Chiropractic but we only ever see you within the treatment experience and we thought it would be really nice to share with you some of the other things that go on behind the scenes and that took place on a typical Tuesday in November.

First off telling us about her day is Judy.

7.15 am

I arrived early for my shift to start at 7.30am as I like to feel that I am on top of things so that I can give the reception desk my full attention. I really enjoy meeting and greeting people as they come in and chatting about a myriad of subjects from the weather to the traffic to where they went on holiday!  It is always lovely to speak to someone who first came to us in a lot of pain and are so happy that they are starting to feel so much better as a result of the treatment they have received at the clinic here in Eastbourne.

Blog on clinic assistants Image shows Clinic Assistant Judy arriving to open the clinic.

Judy arriving to open the clinic.

One of the early jobs of the day is to make sure that the Massage Therapists  have a plentiful supply of towels and blankets for their busy day ahead. We have 4 massage therapist here at Lushington Chiropractic who all work in different ways to help relieve simple things like stress in the shoulders or more complicated conditions like frozen shoulder or tennis elbow, the Chiropractors often refer their guests for massage to be used in conjunction with their chiropractic treatment and it works very well.

9.00 am

My fellow clinic assistant Theresa took over on the reception desk so that I was able to go into the office and work on administrative things like checking our databases to make sure we have all the correct details for our guests, it is surprising how often Eastbourne gets incorrectly spelt! Or the dialling code for Eastbourne telephone numbers is not included.

Blog on clinic assistants Images shows clinic assistant Judy standing at the filing cabinet, pulling guest files for the next day

Judy pulling the guest files

I was delighted to be told by another of our lovely team of clinic assistants, Claire that one of our guests had tried some cake that I had made for Kirsty one of our Massage Therapists here at the clinic in Lushington Road for her Birthday, he had enjoyed it so much he wanted the recipe!! We all know we should eat as healthily as possible but who doesn’t enjoy a slice of cake now and again?

We are a very close team and we like to try and make people feel special when it is their Birthday.

11.00 am

I sorted out our ‘events box’, Our Chiropractors often go to outside events in the Eastbourne area where they are able to meet people who live locally who have possibly never tried Chiropractic, The Chiropractors enjoy speaking to people and finding out what may be worrying them and usually it is something they can help with and they will then advise them to make an appointment for a full assessment where the Chiropractors can get to the root of the problem and work out a personalised care plan for them.

Blog on clinic assistants. Image shows clinic assistant Judy putting items into a red plastic box.

Judy ensuring everything is in order for the next event.

12.00 am

I started working on a project of collating all the wonderful testimonials that our guests have written about the great care they have received here at the clinic in Eastbourne.

Thanks for sharing your day with us Judy.


Next we hear from Carole.


Well fortunately for me, today is a lovely sunny day in Eastbourne – well it is known as suntrap of the south! My shift at Lushington Chiropractic starts at 9am today but I am here nice and early to get ready for the day ahead.  My day today starts with checking the front and back drive for any rubbish that has blown on and clearing a mound of leaves that has accumulated, not a very glamorous job but we are all proud of the clinic and take turns in doing it.  After this I make a start on pulling the guests files for the following day.


Part of our job is to support the practitioners making sure they have everything they need and with 5 chiropractors and 4 massage therapists we tend to generate a lot of washing.  Chiropractic and massage bench covers are changed regularly and as well as the hand towels you see in the bathroom we also have the towels in the treatment rooms, blankets and any gowns that we use for new guests. You may well have seen our washing drying on the back drive, to do our bit for the environment we try to dry it outside as much as possible but as you know the weather here in Eastbourne can be unpredictable!

Blog on clinic assistants. Image shows clinic assistant Carole with a drying rack full of washing on a lovely sunny day

Drying the washing in sunny Eastbourne.


The chiropractors have asked me to telephone some of their guests just to catch up with them, this could be to check how their exercises are going or for those who we haven’t seen for a while just a quick call to ask how they are feeling, or perhaps to remind them to make their next appointment. If possible it’s always good to book your appointments ahead especially if you can only come at a particular time, those early morning and late evening slots get really booked.  It’s the same with massage as well, if you can only come after work or you want an early slot before work – book ahead.

Blog on clinic assistants. Image shows Carole seated at the computer

Busy in our front office

Next we hear from Theresa.


I am working a few extra hours today in addition to my afternoon shift to cover the front reception for Judy.  So the first job of the day is to do a reconciliation of the takings so far as we are each responsible for our shift money.  Judy also does a handover telling me everything I need to know for the shift ahead.

Throughout the morning I welcome regular guests and check they are on time, and then can relax until the chiropractor collects them.  I answer all incoming calls which can be a variety of enquiries, ranging from new guest enquiries, to re-scheduling appointments.  The clinic has several telephone lines so often we have to answer more than one phone at once.

CA’s have many jobs that have to be completed throughout the course of the shift in addition to manning the reception and that includes checking the emails, responding to them or passing on to other colleagues. Pulling the guests files for the next day, checking and actioning a daily list of guests with outstanding appointments. It also includes keeping the reception and toilet facilities clean and tidy, washing the bench covers, hand towels, pillow cases and all the admin jobs.

Blog on clinic assistants. Image shows Theresa seated at the computer

Theresa busy at work


After my lunch break I resume my front desk/reception duties for the afternoon shift until close at 7:15pm.

6:30 – 7:15pm

Blog on clinic assistants. Image shows Theresa about to turn the sign from open to closed.

The clinic is about to close!

I start preparing the clinic for the end of the day, this includes bringing in the sign from outside, turning off the music system and computers, clearing away the files, washing and doing the end of day banking. Once all the practitioners have finished for the day I go round and do a last check of the rooms and lock up for the day.

Well – you have probably noticed that our super CA Claire is missing!

Claire’s tasks are too many to mention here.  Not only does Claire do all the lovely power-point presentations that you see in reception, the newsletters that many of you get by email, the ordering of all the stock that we hold here at the clinic, the shopping we need on a daily basis including the lovely lemon that is in the water jug in reception as well as the apples – and don’t forget the loo rolls! She makes sure our appointment system is fully up to date, the annual leave calculated and that we get paid at the end of the month! She’s also the one that we all turn to for help and it is very much appreciated.

Look out early next year when Claire will be telling you what she gets up to on a typical day.

Blog on clinic assistants. Image shows Claire with her rubber gloves on cleaning.

Claire with her marigolds!

We would all like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about us, don’t forget all the useful hints & tips you can find on our online chiropractic blog Backblog.



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