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Claire – Your Clinic Assistant


October 14th, 2014 536 post views

Claire – A little bit about me:


What would your perfect Sunday consist of:

It would be a warm and sunny day so my husband and I can get out on our Harley. We would ride into the countryside and find a lovely peaceful spot by a river to enjoy a great picnic and then a meander along the river.

In the evening we would find a lovely country pub to sit outside and enjoy a cold cider.


Favourite Meal:

I love hot and spicy food so would have to be Indian and Thai.


Favourite TV show:

I don’t really have any favourite shows.  I do however enjoy watching bake off and strictly come dancing.



My Mum, she is amazing. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and she is always there for me.


Favourite Sport:

This would have to be dancing. I love dance, husband and I enjoy rock and roll and have also done a couple lessons in Salsa and Ballroom.


Laughs at:

Me, as I have a habit of saying silly things. My husband always says he should start writing all my faux pas down as there will be enough for a book!


First pet:

If you can call a goldfish a pet, I had one which I won at a fair year’s ago. Sadly it didn’t stay around for long. My next pet was a bit larger, a hamster; she was white and called her snowy, a good original name!


Motivated to:

Enjoy life, work hard, spend lots of time with family/friends and have many new adventures.

How many places have you travelled to:

In the UK I have been to Devon and Cornwall quite a bit, visited Wales where it rained every day for 14 days!

When I was at school I went on a school trip to Holland for a week. I have also been to Spain, Menorca, travelled the west coast of America, got married in Las Vegas and honeymooned in the Canadian Rockies.


First record/CD:

Oh goodness can’t remember what this was. I know it was a LP and in the song was ‘eye of the tiger, no idea who this was by but at the time I liked it.


If you were an animal what would you be and why:

A butterfly.

You get so many beautiful colours in a butterfly and I love colour. They are also very strong but delicate which I am. I also enjoy the beauty and freedom of being outside in the country amongst the wildlife and flowers.


What was your favourite toy as a child:

I had a few. A tree house I loved, it had these funny little people in it, bit like weebles! I would sit for ages playing with the tree house which had a great slide and swing.

I also enjoyed etch a sketch, producing many weird images but don’t think I ever managed to get a straight line!

I also loved my tricycle, it was blue and I rode this everywhere my mum and dad would allow!


Can you play any instruments?

I played the recorder, treble and tenor at school along with the clarinet. Later I got a keyboard and had a few lessons. Also had a number of lessons to play the piano but sadly I haven’t  practised for a long time. My piano had to go when I moved, no room!

I also enjoy the sound of acoustic guitar and one day would like to learn this.


Any unusual hobbies:

I have loads of hobbies, none are that unusual though.

I am very arty and love anything where I can create. I enjoy sugar craft and have sculptured/ decorated cakes for special occasions.  Designed and made a couple of commissioned mosaic pieces along with painting and I have also this year started to learn to sew. I have made my first dress which still needs altering, but look forward to making more.

I am also fond of music and dancing.






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