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Eastbourne Chiropractic Clinic Assistant’s Advice on frequently asked questions about Chiropractic

Image shows clinic assistant at Lushington Chiropractic, seated behind the reception desk giving a thumbs up sign.

August 21st, 2018 396 post views

Hi, I’m Theresa O’Driscoll a clinic assistant/receptionist at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne and in this blog I would like to share some information with you on our frequently asked questions about Chiropractic.

Image shows clinic assistant at Lushington Chiropractic, seated behind the reception desk giving a thumbs up sign. To accompany her blog on frequently asked questions.

Here’s a Picture of Theresa one of our clinic assistants ready to help you with any enquiries about Lushington Chiropractic and our care.

I have been lucky enough to have worked at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne since July 2016 and along with my three-other clinic assistant colleagues Claire, Judy and Carole. We aim to make a valuable contribution to the lives of every guest that comes in to Lushington Chiropractic. We all receive regular adjustment/treatments and are all advocates of chiropractic and are dedicated to supporting everyone in any way we can.

There are many faces to the clinic assistant role.

As a representative of the practice an important part of the front of house role is to listen and reassure new guests (patients) who may be new to chiropractic treatment or are visiting Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne for the very first time.

For many reasons guests may be reluctant to share their concerns with the chiropractor and may feel more comfortable expressing them to the clinic assistant. This may include concerns about the speed of their recovery, their adjustments, financial constraints and other topics. Guests often share their worries at the front desk and neglect to tell the chiropractor!

So, if you’re new to chiropractic there is no shame in not knowing an answer and hopefully by reading this blog I can share with you some of the clinic assistants most frequently asked questions about chiropractic.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

In the words of the New Zealand government’s inquiry care is “remarkably safe”.

Chiropractic has an excellent safety record and is widely recognised as one of the safest drug free and non-invasive therapies.

Chiropractic care is a natural approach to better health that is proven safe and effective when performed by a licensed chiropractor.

Do adjustments hurt?

As with any form of treatment or exercise that is applied to muscles or joints, there can sometimes be minor short-term pain or discomfort. In nearly all cases, this is due to temporary irritation and quickly goes away. Some people may experience symptoms such as mild headaches, stiffness, soreness or tiredness after their treatment. If you have any worries about the risks or side-effects of chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor will be able to discuss these concerns with you.

Why do adjustments sometimes make a popping sound?

Adjustments do not always produce a sound. However, some techniques do create a “popping” sound. This audible release is the result of gas shifting in the joint. This sound is painless and causes no harm.

Are all guests adjusted the same way?

Each guests care is unique and therefore personalised to meet their specific condition and needs. Your chiropractor will modify adjustments based on your health condition, age, size and weight.

Can I see a Chiropractor if I am pregnant?

Many pregnant women find that chiropractic adjustments improve the pregnancy experience and make delivery easier. Adjustments are adapted to accommodate the stage of pregnancy and the unique needs of each guest.

At Lushington Chiropractic here in Eastbourne Gemma Crouch’s (Doctor of Chiropractic) area of special interest is providing chiropractic care for babies, young children and pregnant mums-to-be.

To read more about Gemma click here

Will I be required to remove my clothing at my appointment?

On your first consultation you will be asked to change into a gown for the examination. Some procedures may require you to remove some pieces of clothing, for example, your jacket or belt, however most do not. If you have any questions or concerns, bring them up immediately with your chiropractor.

Being a clinic assistant here at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the health and well-being of our community and it is a privilege to see guests get well and enjoy improved health.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and please comment if you have any other questions. We can offer a complimentary chat with any of our practitioners for help or advice or read our other blogs by the chiropractic team.


Thank you

Theresa O’Driscoll

Clinic Assistant at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne



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