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Lushington Chiropractic Survey Results

September 25th, 2013 734 post views

THANK YOU to all 315 Lushington Chiropractic guests who kindly completed our survey questionnaire. Findings are below:


  1. Overall Satisfaction with the clinic –  98%  found this excellent/very good.
  2. Friendliness, speed & efficiency of service at front desk? – 98% found this excellent/very good.
  3. How easy is it to get through on the telephone? 94%  had no problems, 6% occasionally difficult.
  4. What’s the customer service like ?  – 98% found this excellent/very good.
  5. How thoroughly did your chirporactor assess your condition when you first visited? – 98% extremely/very well.
  6. How caring was your chiropractor? – 98% gave extremely/very caring.
  7. General waiting times? – 88% Excellent/very good.
  8. The amount of time you had for your treatments? 95% plenty of time/enough time.
  9.  Have you been  given practical tips on how to help yourself? 98% yes.
  10. Was your treatment value for money? 77% found this excellent/very good, 23%  found this good/fair
  11. Satisfaction with your treatment so far? 96% excellent/very good, 4% Good.
  12. How satisfied were/are you with the improvement in your condition so far? 86% excellent/very good, 14% good/fair.
  13. Would you recommend the clinic to a friend/family member? 98% Yes.


It was great to see what we are doing right but also where we can improve. We are always happy to receive feedback to help us continue to give the best possible customer service, expert diagnosis and personalised healthcare.

Suffering with back pain, neck pain, muscle spasms or joint aches then call today to see why over 8,000 local people have already chosen Lushington to help them: 01323 722499.


James Revell


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