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Everyday Improvements: Part 3

Image shows Lushington's Victoria White holding a glass of homemade fruit smoothie, she made a small change to bring her lunch to work.

September 1st, 2018 314 post views

Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

There are some small changes that can make a big difference, read on to find out more.

Bringing Your Lunch To Work

Often when we’re busy it’s tough to find the time to pre-prepare our lunch and bring it to work with us. This means we tend to dash out on our lunch break (with Lushington Chiropractic located in Eastbourne town centre we are spoilt for choice – good and bad!) and buy whatever is convenient and tasty. Unfortunately, it’s often tasty because it’s laden with sugar, salt, preservatives and flavourings in order to extend its supermarket shelf life. Even simple food like bread can contain these chemicals. If you’ve ever made your own bread at home you will know that it goes stale within 2-3 days. Compare this to a supermarket loaf, which can stay soft for weeks and you’ll notice the difference in truly fresh food.

Switching out pre-packaged, processed lunches and bringing your own homemade lunches to work instead can make a big difference to your health. You know what’s going into them, so there are no hidden sugars and preservatives and no hidden calories. Salads, wholemeal sandwiches, soups and stews are all healthy and will maintain stable blood sugar for your working day. Vacuum flasks will keep your hot food hot, which is nicer through winter. You’ll also save an awful lot of money over the year.

Image shows Lushington's Victoria White holding a glass of homemade fruit smoothie, to show how small changes can be beneficial

Lushington’s Victoria White bringing her lunch to work.

Baking Not Buying

In today’s supermarkets it’s incredibly easy to buy pre-made sweet treats. Often, they are located right by the checkouts to tempt us as we queue, which is particularly sneaky, but it does work! In days gone by treats like cakes and biscuits were actually treats, baked at home and enjoyed once or twice a week. Nowadays we are having these treats so often that they are part of our daily diet. No longer an indulgence, sugar is a regular part of our lives and we crave it most when we are tired and overworked.

It would be unrealistic to suggest cutting out sugar completely from our diets. Some people may be able to manage it, but most of us, myself included, would find it very difficult indeed. Making a switch to homemade treats has many benefits. We still enjoy the treat, but it becomes even more pleasurable and satisfying knowing that we have made it ourselves. Because there is no need to have a month-long shelf life we don’t add all the nasty preservatives and additives that the supermarkets need to so it is slightly better for us, or at least less bad for us. Also the effort that we have to put in, in order to make our own cakes or biscuits means that we won’t be doing it every day, and as a result we will be eating less of it.

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