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Health and Advice from Expert Chiropractors in Eastbourne

Welcome to the “Health and Advice”. These blogs have been written by our Eastbourne based chiropractors, massage therapists, counsellor other practitioners. You’ll find self-help chiropractic advice for looking after your spinal discs, knee exercises as well as practical explanations about choosing a mattress, what to expect in your chiropractic consultation and more.

Chiropractor Stuart Soffe

Doctor of Chiropractic Stuart Soffe, has written a series of “comparison” blogs: covering what’s the difference between osteopathy V’s chiropractic treatment; as well comparing physiotherapy and acupuncture with chiropractic treatment.

Back pain during Pregnancy

Image shows a heavily pregnant women laying on a chiropractic bench to accompany the blog written by Doctor of Chiropractic Gemma Crouch on back pain in pregnancy Eastbourne chiropractor Gemma Crouch shares how chiropractic care can help to relieve the pain and discomfort felt in the muscles and joints during pregnancy. Gemma has a special interest in chiropractic care for pregnant mums-to-be, babies and children of all ages. Since completing her masters’ degree in chiropractic, she has continued to study within this...

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Coping with low back and pelvic pain

The picture demonstrates a man curled up on the sofa with his feet curled up underneath him. One of the key parts of allowing your body to recover from low back and pelvic pain is not aggravating it and causing further damage. Here are a few things that you can do that help to prevent further damage. Sitting tips to help low back and pelvic pain Have your low back supported to...

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The sciatic nerve: where it comes from and where it goes to.

The image shows the back of a man’s leg with a line drawn on it showing where the sciatic nerve runs, to accompany the blog on sciatic nerve written by Eastbourne Chiropractor Mykel Mason The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It carries signals from the lower back to the leg and foot and then back up from the leg and foot to the low back. These signals are both sensory and motor, meaning that it supplies the skin and the muscles. Lots of people believe...

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Benefits of Turmeric

Image shows Eastbourne Chiropractor Gemma Crouch at Lushington Chiropractic holding a carton of Lambert's Tumeric Food Supplements to accompany her blog on the benefits of Tumeric Benefits of Turmeric At Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne, we help many of our guests with lots of different neuromusculoskeletal (nerves, muscles and joints) problems and often provide lifestyle and health advice too. You may have heard of Turmeric as a supplement or seen it on our product shelf, but what is Turmeric and what are...

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Anterior pelvic tilt and correction: Part one

The picture demonstrates a man with his hands on the bony prominence at the front of his pelvis and the bony prominence at the back. The first is where the front is lower than the back (anterior pelvic tilt) and the second where they are in line (neutral). More and more in practice at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne I’m noticing people with an anterior pelvic tilt. I find the most common issue in these people is low back pain followed by hip pain. This is really really common and basically consists of weakness in certain muscles and tightness in others. I believe this probably...

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Is It Safe to Click my Own Back or Neck?

Image shows Eastbourne chiropractor Gemma Crouch in the reception area of Lushington Chiropractic to accompany her blog on clicking your own neck Eastbourne Chiropractor Gemma Crouch often gets asked “is it safe to click my own back or neck?” Here she talks about why it is not safe to click your own back or neck and the consequences that result from frequent self-adjusting. Imagine the following scenario… After a couple of hours of working on the laptop,...

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Gemma’s Top Three Tips for Dealing with Sciatica at Home

Top Tips for Sciatica One of the most common questions I get asked at the chiropractic clinic in Eastbourne is: “What can I do at home to help my Sciatica?” If you have suffered with sciatica in the past, you will know how painful and debilitating it is to everyday life. It is really important,...

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Can Chiropractic help my Sciatica? A Case Study

Image showing Doctor of Chiropractic James Revell with patient Chris. This blog tells Chris’ story, which started with him phoning the clinic to ask, “Can chiropractic help my sciatica?”. He like many others had been suffering from sciatica and wanted a hands-on practical solution. Eastbourne Plasterer Chris’ Sciatica Misery Chris is a local Eastbourne lad, he’s a self-employed plasterer, and just before Christmas he hurt...

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Are you suffering from Sciatica?

Image show Oly Ody, massage therapist, standing outside of Lushington Chiropractic. For my latest blog for Lushington Chiropractic I am going to talk about sciatica and my approach to both treating and rehabbing it from my experience as both a sports massage therapist and as a personal trainer. Sciatica Sciatica in it’s basic element is an entrapment or irritation of the sciatic nerve that leads to...

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It’s Sciatica – Or Is It?

Demonstrating a healthy nerve by showing water running freely through a hosepipe to accompany the blog by Lizzie Wright on sciatica As a massage therapist at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne, I often have clients come to me reporting that they are suffering with sciatica. However a common occurrence is that after investigation we find that the client isn’t suffering with sciatica at all, but rather an injury that presents similar to the symptom of sciatica. What...

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