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7 Revision Tips Helped Maddie’s Headaches as well as her Studies

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June 5th, 2018 68 post views

These revision tips really helped Maddie. I’d been seeing Maddie’s for her headaches, which have been improving, but this Spring things got worse again as she increased her revision for her A-Levels. So I shared some revision tips I’d used to help me during my 7 years of university studies.

Maddie gave these 7 revision tips a go and felt better for it. She had more energy, could study longer and has kept the headaches at bay.

Revision Tip 1 – Exercise

The biggest revision tip is to exercise. If you can fit some exercise into your day then you’ll be able to study and concentrate longer. Cutting out movement and exercise results in less energy and reduced concentration. 30-40 minutes of steady exercise 2-3 times/week will help balance all that time sat still studying.

Weight lifting, impact or sprinting sports like football are less helpful though, because this type of anaerobic exercise is stressful and for the body and doesn’t have the same energy boosting benefits as more gentle activities like swimming, jogging or even just brisk walking. Eastbourne’s got lots of places to walk, jog or exercise outside. One of my chiropractic colleagues and I often run along Eastbourne’ seafront on Mondays after work. No matter how busy the day, it’s a great way to unwind and refresh.

Picture of three happy Terrier dogs jumping in the Eastbourne countryside

Eastbourne Chiropractor Recommends Exercising Outside to Improve Energy Levels!

Revision Tip 2 – Avoid Sugar Crashes

Avoid sugary or high energy foods/drinks, like biscuits, chocolate bars etc. They’ll give you an energy boost and you’ll feel good for an hour or so, but then your sugar levels crash and your energy drops. The temptation is then to reach for another high-energy hit, but this just exhausts your body, reducing the quality of your revision and leading to fatigue.

Revision Tip 3 – Avoid Caffeine

Water not caffeine. Tea, coffee and the adult-type caffeine drinks can also result in short-lived boosts, but ultimately leave us feeling more tired and washed out. Stick with non-caffeine drinks but do keep well hydrated as that’ll make a big difference to your learning.

 Revision Tip 4 – Routine Rules!

There’s lots of evidence to show that a regular routine, eating, sleeping etc at the same time each day is less stressful or our body and healthier. In fact, some medical experts state that it’s the most important factor to a long life. Get to know when the best time of the day is for you to study and make the most of it, then use the rest of the time to fit in your exercise etc.

Revision Tip 5 – 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule states that most of use get most of our productive work done in a relatively short space of time, i.e. we do 80% of our work in 20% of our time. The rest of the time we procrastinate and are generally slower and less productive. I still find this is still true in my chiropractic practice. I’ve always been a morning person and get more done before 11ma than I will for the rest of the day.

Maximise your effectiveness during your power hours, but then allow yourself to be a little slower at other times.

Revision Tip 6 – Visualise

Visualisation. This is an Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tip that I’ve used to great effect to motivate myself to get some work done. Imagine yourself doing the revision, and doing it well. Clearly visualise it in your mind. See yourself revising and enjoying it, it’s going well. See it in as much detail as you can, what else can you see or hear, what does it feel like to be study well.

Revision Tip 7 – Slash that Screen Time

Cut that screen time, avoid your phone, tablet or computer after 7pm. The type of bright white light used as a base for all screens is very stimulating to the brain and will make it harder to get to sleep, which is the last thing you need when you want quality studying time tomorrow. If you can’t face turning those mobiles and tablets off, then at least make sure their turned to night-mode. There are apps you can download too.

Try these revision tips. They worked for this Eastbourne teenager and I’ve often recommended them to patient’s who’ve got a lot of desk based work and revision to get through.

Modern chiropractic care is far more than just the hands-on chiropractic treatment. I and my colleagues here at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne often compliment the treatment with advice and self-help tips. So, if you’re suffering with headaches, or any other problem and want to find out if we can help then call us on 01323 722499 or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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