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A Chiropractic Assistant’s View On the benefits of chiropractic

benefits of chiropractic

March 30th, 2015 465 post views

A Chiropractic Assistant’s view on the benefits of chiropractic

Have you ever asked yourself: Why does a person drink alcohol? To feel good; to cover up the pain. What happens after a person drinks alcohol? You get a hangover; you still feel the pain. Why does a person take medication (pain killers)? To feel good; to get rid of the symptoms; to cover up the pain. What happens after a person takes medication? The symptoms return, and you feel you must take more medication because you have not dealt with the cause of the problem.

Medications, among other drugs, can be temporary fixes and masking agents but they rarely treat the underlying problems. The benefits of chiropractic are that they bring improvements to many aspects of a patient’s life – not just in the short term but for life.

Your body was built to be perfect and run efficiently. When imbalances and instabilities creep in due to the rigours of daily life it is important to make the right adjustments to rectify the problem, not pretend that they don’t exist. When you take drugs or medication, they tell your body that nothing is wrong.

Which is smarter — your body or a pill?

Which will last longer — your body or a pill?

How would you rather spend your time and money — on your body or a pill?

By taking drugs and medication you conceal the underlying problem which, in turn, makes the problem much worse. Do you want to keep taking medication or drugs over and over? This is a vicious cycle and chiropractic may help.

As part of the team at Lushington chiropractic in Eastbourne, I passionately believe in the benefits of chiropractic. Let me share with you a little more information on what you can expect from an appointment with a chiropractor.

Getting treatment from a multi-award winning clinic

At Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne we provide a range of treatments from expert chiropractic care to nutritional therapy, podiatry, acupuncture counselling and more. We genuinely care about our patients and we have a passion for improving their quality of life.

Our highly qualified and genuinely caring team have over 80 years’ of experience between them and our experience means that we have witnessed the benefits of chiropractic first-hand.

We are an extremely professional and dedicated team who deliver the highest level of service and our patients often compliment us on the genuine, friendly atmosphere here.

Chiropractic is a well known treatment for back and neck pain but by focusing on the root of a problem we can help relieve a wide range of aches and pains. Our treatments are gentle, effective and suitable for all ages from birth to ninety.

Ready to discover the benefits of chiropractic? Why not visit www.chirocare.co.uk for more information.







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