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Coping with low back and pelvic pain

The picture demonstrates a man curled up on the sofa with his feet curled up underneath him.

March 6th, 2019 24 post views

One of the key parts of allowing your body to recover from low back and pelvic pain is not aggravating it and causing further damage. Here are a few things that you can do that help to prevent further damage.

Sitting tips to help low back and pelvic pain

Have your low back supported to ease the pressure on the muscles and allow for an ideal posture.

Don’t curl up on the sofa or cross your legs as this can put undue stress on the joints in the pelvis and low back as well as on the muscles.

Don’t bend at the back when getting up. We tend to put increased pressure on our spine by rounding our backs, so it is best to try and push your bottom out as this helps to maintain the curve in your spine. As you get up, lean forward with a straight back so that your weight goes on to your feet and then come up.

Keep your knees together getting out of the car. A good way to try to keep your legs together is to sit on a plastic bag as this provides an easier surface to swivel on to allow you to keep your knees together.

Don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket. This unbalances your pelvis and can also put pressure on the sciatic nerve as it passes through the buttock.

The picture demonstrates a man curled up on the sofa with his feet curled up underneath him to accompany the blog by Eastbourne Chiropractor Mykel Mason

Curling up on the sofa puts us into a cramped position and can lead to extra strain on the joints and muscles.

Sleeping and first thing in the morning tips to help low back and pelvic pain

It is best to sleep on your back as this puts the least pressure on your lower spinal discs, extra support can be provided by putting a pillow underneath the knees.

If you sleep on your side avoid twisting as this puts a torsion stress on the spine and can increase tension in the muscles. Use a pillow in-between your knees to prevent this twisting happening.

If you sleep face-down this puts extra pressure on your pelvis, your low back isn’t supported so well and you can strain your neck as you need to turn it so much. It is best to try and sleep on your back or on your side instead.

When getting out of bed try not to just sit straight up, it is best to roll on to your side, bend your knees up and lower them off the side whilst pushing yourself up with your hands. This puts the least pressure on your spine.

Ideally, we want to avoid rounding our backs too much when we are vulnerable. We need to be aware of this when brushing our teeth or washing our face first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.

The picture shows a man brushing his teeth whilst rounded over the sink to accompany the blog written by Eastbourne Chiropractor Mykel Mason

Rounding your back while at the sink is very common and can strain your back more.

Daily chores tips to help low back and pelvic pain

Avoid bending lifting and twisting at the same time. This is an incredibly common onset for injury. Moving furniture is an easy way to do this and is a key thing to avoid.

Avoid overreaching as this can put extra stress on the muscles and ligaments. This is especially key when lifting anything. Using a small step can really help to prevent you from overstretching.

Standing symmetrically with weight distributed evenly. Lots of us get into the habit of putting most of our weight on one leg and this distributes the weight unevenly through the body. It also causes tightness in certain muscles.

It is better to push than pull. Pushing allows you to keep your back straighter, pulling naturally lends itself to rounding your back which makes it more likely to cause low back injuries.

Take long strides rather than bending at the back. This applies especially to vacuuming and sweeping.

A picture of man demonstrating how to vacuum by taking long strides out and bending his front knee, also shown is a poor posture with rounding of the back to accompany the blog written by Eastbourne Chiropractor Mykel Mason

Taking long strides when vacuuming can help to protect your back. Bad posture demonstrated by the red line and good posture demonstrated by the green line.

Exercise tips to help low back and pelvic pain

Seek advice from your chiropractor as to the best exercises for you. The chiropractors here at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne often incorporate rehabilitation exercises and stretches so that you can start to take charge of your own health at home as well as under our care.

Be sensible but keep active, we want to stay gently mobile.

Swimming and walking are low impact exercises that get lots of the joints moving but breaststroke can put extra strain on the pelvic joints and extra strain on the neck.

General tips to help low back and pelvic pain

Using an Ice pack is really useful to help reduce inflammation. This helps to lower the pain level. You want to make sure that it is wrapped up first and that you don’t put it on for longer than 15 minutes. Generally, I recommend 10 minutes on, 20 minutes off, and then 10 minutes on again.

Coughing and sneezing is a very common onset of injury and this is due to the increased pressure in the body and our rounded back posture. It is best to sneeze or cough with your back arched upwards so that your spine is in extension and this can help to prevent injury and aggravation.

So, these are the key things that can help. I have found that these simple changes can make a massive difference and really help people to recover. These changes alongside chiropractic treatment help you to recover quicker. It is important to keep doing these once the pain has gone as the problem is still healing. These all help to prevent onset of issues at a later date also, so I try to do these at all times. They may feel unusual at first, but once you are used to these, they become the normal way that you do things.

Yours in health


Mykel Mason your Eastbourne chiropractor

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