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Returning to Eastbourne and being back in practice at Lushington Chiropractic

June 6th, 2018 103 post views

It’s strange being back at the Lushington clinic, most people have been asking me that I must be planning my next trip. The realism is that I’m really enjoying being back in practice. It’s a fantastic feeling, helping people again, and I can’t wait to help more people. While my wife and I were away it was a fantastic experience but I felt like my purpose was to be away and to travel and for me that wasn’t enough for the long term. Since returning I feel like I have my purpose back. I’m helping people again and that makes me happy. Here is an example of someone who I have seen since I’ve returned and I’m really proud of how well we have worked together to get her back to where she wants to be.

First new patient back

This lady I’ve recently started seeing has been seeing chiropractors for years for her neck. This had been where she was previously living and also since she had moved to Eastbourne. She only came to see me because she had acute low back pain and the person that she normally saw wasn’t open. This pain was severe and debilitating and had come on when she had bent over to pick something up. This is a really common onset of pain but the key thing for me was finding out what had caused the issue.

For me, she clearly had an underlying issue, as she had done this kind of bending a million times before and it wasn’t this one occasion that started this all off.

On further questioning it was revealed that she had actually been getting a mild low back pain on the left-hand side for about six months.  This pain was very infrequent and not severe therefore was not concerning her, but I believe this was the initial signs that this acute low back pain was going to happen. On examination she had no radicular signs, meaning she had no pain in the legs or tingling or numbness, there was also no weakness present. Examination revealed that the pain stemmed from the sacroiliac joint, which are the joints that connect the pelvis and the lower back.

As this pain was acute I recommended ice immediately as this helps to reduce the inflammation and therefore reduce the pain.

With ice ensure that it is wrapped up and not put directly on the skin. The treatment that I decided to deliver was using sacro-occipital technique, which is a technique that I have learnt post-graduation as part of my continued professional development. I have found this technique very useful, especially in cases with sacroiliac joint pain, it is also a very light technique which is helpful in acute pain. We are now two weeks into her care and the results have been excellent.

On our last visit she reported a 100% improvement in her lower back pain.

There is still some dysfunction present and we are continuing to address this so that episodes like this do not occur again. We have also been treating her neck, for which she has had treatment for years, and this is also improving. As this is a chronic issue it will take longer to resolve but I’m very happy with the progress so far and movement has certainly improved around the neck.

This kind of case really helps me to appreciate the difference that I and chiropractic can make.

I really enjoy helping the people of Eastbourne and the surrounding area but it is also very helpful when these people want to help themselves.

People always improve quicker if they are willing to do what is required to help things to improve quickest. The long-term aim for me, as long as my guests want this also, is to obviously improve how they feel but also to prevent problems in the future. I want everyone to be functioning as well as they possibly can.

A picture of me standing outside the clinic front. To accompany the blog by Eastbourne Chiropractor Mykel Mason

Me in my first few days back in practice


Yours in health,


Mykel your Eastbourne Chiropractor

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