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Sport Vs Cupid

Sport for Valentine’s Day! Cupid Says Possibly!

Cupid needs more support this Valentine’s Day because research shows that a third of men would sideline love in favour of sport – Football! This chiropractor recommends Touch Rugby in Eastbourne instead. It’s a mixed sport so you can share some fun and competitive fitness with your loved one.

Man watching sport beside uninterested girl

Sport Vs Cupid

A survey in Men’s Health magazine showed that nearly a third of men would rather be playing sport than getting frisky in bed!

Perhaps Cupid can hope for more sport injuries to keep men at home. Only 6% of the men in the survey had been injured through sex, compared to 99% who had been injury through sport!

The most dangerous sport in Britain is….  Football! Research shows that bad challenges and tackles cause a third of sports injuries.

Football is often seen as a relatively low-risk sport, but in reality Sunday league games are just the opposite. Over half of the men involved in the survey had been injured on the pitch, and most were suffering with ongoing niggles due to an old injury.

Chiropractors are always big on injury prevention, so here’s two tips to avoid getting injured in the first place:

  • Don’t be a Weekend Warrior: Weekend warriors are typified by working all week then hitting the pitch or paying extreme sports at the weekend. They like to play hard and live hard. However, I’d recommend adding some exercise into your weekly routine too. Don’t save up all that energy for the weekend – your body likes predictable routine, not crazy burst and then long periods of rest.

By all means work-hard and play-hard but set up a sustainable routine that allows your body to recover for 36 hours after a heavy exercise session but doesn’t result in more than three rest days in a row.

  • Even Warriors need to Warm Up: Warm up properly before you play and include a range of general cardiovascular exercises in your training regime to build up slowly. If the only exercise you get is playing in a match then you will push yourself too fast too quickly, increasing the risk of injury.

I recommend using the R.I.C.E. formula to deal with minor injuries.

Rest and support the injured joint.

Ice packs (wrap ice in a cloth, apply for 10 minutes maximum, then leave off for 20 minutes before re-applying – stop if it is painful).

Compression and elevation of the injured joint.

Get fit with Touch Rugby

Hannah playing sport, touch rugby and about to score

Sport, touch rugby Hannah about to score

This chiropractor is an old rugby prop and recommends Touch Rugby to keep you fit and healthy.

I love to play Touch Rugby on the weekends. We play every Sunday in Gildrege Park, here in Eastbourne. Check us out on facebook and Eastbourne Touch Rugby . Touch Rugby is a mixed sport so no one needs to be left at home on their own.

 Valentine’s Touch Rugby

So, this Valentine’s Sunday bring your partner to play Touch Rugby at Gildrege Park, Eastbourne. When you get home you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath together afterwards and if you’ve got any energy left practise a little sports massage with each other.

This blog has been brought to you by James Revell Doctor of Chiropractic, MSc (Chiropractic Sciences), BSc (Chiropractic Science), BSc (Biological Sciences), LRCC.

If you would like any further information regarding how to stay healthy, please give us a call at the clinic on 01323 722499.

Are you overusing your baby’s car seat?

Mums and dads are being urged not to overuse baby’s car seat?

The advice comes from the United Chiropractic Association (UCA), which says the habit of carrying a baby around in a car seat may be harmful to both child and parent. The UCA, which has around 600 members across the UK, warns that prolonged periods on their back, in a rigid car seat risks the development of plagiocephaly, or flattening of bones in the infant’s skull (miss-shapen head). Research has linked plagiocephaly with a risk of not reaching full coordination and learning potential later on.

At Lushington Chiropractic we understand that it’s very difficult to know what to do for the best as a parent. So we thought we’d review this latest recommendation for our patients and add some explanation.

Babies spines and craniums (newly formed skulls) are delicate during these early stages of development. So we shouldn’t leave them in a rigid seat or any fixed position for a long time. Too long in any position will eventually cause problems. Baby car seats are obviously essential for travel. However, our advice is to avoid using them for all-day baby transport. Our chiropractors suggest a more upright position in a good quality baby sling is a much better carrying option than the rigid car seat, or simply moving baby from the car seat to a pram will help. We also advise parents to allow their babies as much supervised ‘tummy time’ as possible to enable good spinal development.

The UCA says that keeping your baby in a car seat for long periods means their spine remains in a C-shape, preventing the natural curves of the neck and lower back from forming.

At Lushington Chiropractic we always advise our new parents to be careful of carrying the car seat around because it can be bad for them too. The seat is rigid and heavy. It’s bulky nature means you hold it away from you. The weight of baby plus the seat can put quite a strain on the adult’s back – especially if it’s a new mum who’s still recovering from birth (or even a c-section). It’s easier to pick baby up out of the seat, hold them close to you and move with them close to you.

James Revell – Doctor of Chiropractic  say: “I struggle when I drop our baby off at nursery and have to take her in with her car seat for my wife to collect her (with the car seat) later”.

It’s easier (and better for your back) to lift baby out of the seat and carry them or put them into a pram or soft baby sling.

This is backed by research, which shows that carrying your baby in a sling saves 16% of your energy.

The UCA points out that infants who are carried for three hours or more each day in their first three months of life cry 43% less often than those carried less frequently. Supervised tummy time and crawling should also be encouraged. These activities are excellent for developing the spine properly as they allow the baby to lift the head off the ground and develop the arch of the neck.

Tummy time is a great way of helping baby get into good habits right from the start.  If you’re concerned about your child or baby then remember that chiropractors are well versed in the requirements of children at this tender age. Not only will a chiropractor help to assess the development of your child, they can also educate you on what to look out for through the development stages and advise on the best activities to initiate good posture and alignment in later life.

Chiropractors are highly trained to recognise when someone shouldn’t be adjusted and will refer them back to their medical practitioners and paediatricians as appropriate.

Picture shows baby girl at Sussex Fete in summer time - not in a Car Seat :-)

This is James’ little girl playing with toys in her pram at a local Sussex fete.


Here at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne our treatments are gentle, effective and suitable for all ages from birth to ninety (plus), so we can help you and your children. Our highly qualified and genuinely caring team have over 80 years’ experience between them. Call us today on 01323 722499.


Research references:

Timothy Littlefield, et al., Car Seats, Infant Carriers, and Swings: Their Role in deformational Plagiocephaly Journal of Prosthetics & Orthotics 15 (July 2003): 102-106.

Wall-Scheffler C, Geiger K, Steudel-Numbers K. Infant carrying: The increased locomotory costs in early development. Am. J. Phys. Anthropol. 2007; 133: 841-846. Doi: 10,1002/ajpa.20603

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Carole- Your Clinic Assistant

Hope you enjoy the read.


What would your perfect Sunday consist of:

 A late breakfast/brunch maybe along the seafront somewhere followed by a walk in the sun.


Favourite Meal:

 Dover sole with burnt butter sauce with new potatoes & baby veg from my allotment.


Favourite TV show:

Recent favourite – Poldark!



The unsung heroes at St Wilfrid’s hospice.


Favourite Sport:

I like to watch the track cycling on TV especially the team events, very exciting.


Laughs at:

My husband  – he has a knack of making me laugh which I love.


First pet:

A black Cocker spaniel called Marty, who seemed to smell of wet dog most of the time.


Motivated to:

Makes people’s lives just a bit easier


First record/CD:

The world is just a great big onion – Marvin Gaye & Tammy Tyrell


If you were an animal what would you be and why:

I think I’d like to be bird – just to see how they cope with flying thousands of miles.


What was your favourite toy as a child:

A black china doll which my brother smashed when he threw it on the floor in a temper tantrum.


Can you play any instruments?

No – I learned to play the clarinet at school but have not played since.


Any unusual hobbies:

Nothing unusual.



Claire – Your Clinic Assistant

Claire – A little bit about me:


What would your perfect Sunday consist of:

It would be a warm and sunny day so my husband and I can get out on our Harley. We would ride into the countryside and find a lovely peaceful spot by a river to enjoy a great picnic and then a meander along the river.

In the evening we would find a lovely country pub to sit outside and enjoy a cold cider.


Favourite Meal:

I love hot and spicy food so would have to be Indian and Thai.


Favourite TV show:

I don’t really have any favourite shows.  I do however enjoy watching bake off and strictly come dancing.



My Mum, she is amazing. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and she is always there for me.


Favourite Sport:

This would have to be dancing. I love dance, husband and I enjoy rock and roll and have also done a couple lessons in Salsa and Ballroom.


Laughs at:

Me, as I have a habit of saying silly things. My husband always says he should start writing all my faux pas down as there will be enough for a book!


First pet:

If you can call a goldfish a pet, I had one which I won at a fair year’s ago. Sadly it didn’t stay around for long. My next pet was a bit larger, a hamster; she was white and called her snowy, a good original name!


Motivated to:

Enjoy life, work hard, spend lots of time with family/friends and have many new adventures.

How many places have you travelled to:

In the UK I have been to Devon and Cornwall quite a bit, visited Wales where it rained every day for 14 days!

When I was at school I went on a school trip to Holland for a week. I have also been to Spain, Menorca, travelled the west coast of America, got married in Las Vegas and honeymooned in the Canadian Rockies.


First record/CD:

Oh goodness can’t remember what this was. I know it was a LP and in the song was ‘eye of the tiger, no idea who this was by but at the time I liked it.


If you were an animal what would you be and why:

A butterfly.

You get so many beautiful colours in a butterfly and I love colour. They are also very strong but delicate which I am. I also enjoy the beauty and freedom of being outside in the country amongst the wildlife and flowers.


What was your favourite toy as a child:

I had a few. A tree house I loved, it had these funny little people in it, bit like weebles! I would sit for ages playing with the tree house which had a great slide and swing.

I also enjoyed etch a sketch, producing many weird images but don’t think I ever managed to get a straight line!

I also loved my tricycle, it was blue and I rode this everywhere my mum and dad would allow!


Can you play any instruments?

I played the recorder, treble and tenor at school along with the clarinet. Later I got a keyboard and had a few lessons. Also had a number of lessons to play the piano but sadly I haven’t  practised for a long time. My piano had to go when I moved, no room!

I also enjoy the sound of acoustic guitar and one day would like to learn this.


Any unusual hobbies:

I have loads of hobbies, none are that unusual though.

I am very arty and love anything where I can create. I enjoy sugar craft and have sculptured/ decorated cakes for special occasions.  Designed and made a couple of commissioned mosaic pieces along with painting and I have also this year started to learn to sew. I have made my first dress which still needs altering, but look forward to making more.

I am also fond of music and dancing.






Active isolated stretching

What is Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S)?

The experts at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne explain what active isolated stretching is and how it can be used effectively as part of a health and wellbeing programme.

Active Isolated Stretching is a stretching technique used by the massage therapists here at Eastbourne Chiropractic to help relieve tight and aching muscles. It is a technique created by Aaron Mattes, an American kinesiologist and massage therapist.

AIS is a system of stretches done in a specific way to bring oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue. The stretches are done in a specific order and a very specific way. It makes use of reciprocal inhibition that says if you contract the thigh muscle the muscles at the back of the leg will relax and lengthen thus providing these muscles with a stretch.

In A.I.S the stretches are also done in a unique manner the stretch is applied to the muscle and a few extra pounds of pressure is applied until mild discomfort is felt in the muscle this is then held for around two seconds then released back down in a controlled manner.

How does AIS work?

The idea behind this is to encourage something called the stretch reflex in the muscle, which switches on after a few seconds to stop the muscle being overstretched. The theory is that once the stretch reflex is initiated, the muscle is in a held state and this constricts oxygen and nutrient flow to the muscle which in turn delays the repair process.

This principle follows the same theory that if you want to increase the muscle strength and size you would use resistance and repetitions to facilitate better function.  The stretches will be done for repetitions usually around ten with an aim of increasing the range by two degrees with each repetition, thus gaining an improvement of twenty degrees in the range of motion.

Active isolated stretching uses stretching protocols done in a specific order to address imbalances in the muscles. These stretches are then combined with strengthening exercises to remedy any imbalances.

A.I.S is a really effective aid in reducing tension and tightness in the muscle and as a warm up or cool down before and after sport or physical activity. For more information on A.I.S in Eastbourne, why not consult the team at Lushington Chiropractic to discuss your needs.

Lushington Chiropractic Survey Results

THANK YOU to all 315 Lushington Chiropractic guests who kindly completed our survey questionnaire. Findings are below:


  1. Overall Satisfaction with the clinic –  98%  found this excellent/very good.
  2. Friendliness, speed & efficiency of service at front desk? – 98% found this excellent/very good.
  3. How easy is it to get through on the telephone? 94%  had no problems, 6% occasionally difficult.
  4. What’s the customer service like ?  – 98% found this excellent/very good.
  5. How thoroughly did your chirporactor assess your condition when you first visited? – 98% extremely/very well.
  6. How caring was your chiropractor? – 98% gave extremely/very caring.
  7. General waiting times? – 88% Excellent/very good.
  8. The amount of time you had for your treatments? 95% plenty of time/enough time.
  9.  Have you been  given practical tips on how to help yourself? 98% yes.
  10. Was your treatment value for money? 77% found this excellent/very good, 23%  found this good/fair
  11. Satisfaction with your treatment so far? 96% excellent/very good, 4% Good.
  12. How satisfied were/are you with the improvement in your condition so far? 86% excellent/very good, 14% good/fair.
  13. Would you recommend the clinic to a friend/family member? 98% Yes.


It was great to see what we are doing right but also where we can improve. We are always happy to receive feedback to help us continue to give the best possible customer service, expert diagnosis and personalised healthcare.

Suffering with back pain, neck pain, muscle spasms or joint aches then call today to see why over 8,000 local people have already chosen Lushington to help them: 01323 722499.


James Revell


GOLD National Award for Lushington Chiropractic

GOLD National Award for Local Business Lushington Chiropractic

Lushington Chiropractic Clinic is one of the first to earn the prestigious GOLD Quality Mark from the College of Chiropractors. Chiropractic is now the third largest healthcare profession in the western world, more people than ever are seeing chiropractors to help with their aches and pains.

To achieve this top award, Lushington Chiropractic had to show they delivered patient centered care, that they were meeting gold standard guidelines, had meticulous safety records and were contributing to national learning databases. They also had to demonstrate excellence in: clinical audit; patient and public risk management; diversity, inclusivity and access policies.

This latest award will compliment the clinic’s Buy with Confidence Mark and other customer service and ethical practice awards.

Patient and ex-back pain sufferer Martyn Shanks says: “Well done Lushington. You’re always so welcoming. I love visiting and really appreciate felling better. Keep up the hard work – I know you will.”

Doctor of Chiropractic (not medical) & Lushington Chiropractic Principal, James Revell says: “We’re proud of our reputation in the local community and the results we achieve with our guests on a daily basis. We have a great team, all committed to the highest of standards who love what they do. We’re delighted that years of hard work have finally paid off with this gold award. 

Gold Award Lushington Chiropractic

I’d like to thank everyone in the team and all our guests for all their kind words and support.”

The College of Chiropractors

Clinical Management Quality Mark
Managing the Clinical Environment

CMQM 2012 - 2014 final

CMQM 2012 – 2014 final

In September 2006, the College’s Lay Partnership Group launched the Patient Partnership Quality Mark (PPQM) as a component of the College’s Safety, Quality, Excellence initiative. The PPQM is awarded to clinics that demonstrate excellence in meeting patient expectations, and more than 120 clinics now hold the award. A second quality mark – the Clinical Management Quality Mark (CMQM) – was launched in 2008/9 to complement the PPQM. 36 clinicscurrently hold this prestigious award.

The CMQM recognises excellence in terms of operating within a structured and managed clinical environment. Applicants must demonstrate excellence in a range of areas including: clinical audit, risk management, incident reporting, outcome measurement, patient satisfaction, emergency procedures and operational policy. Detailed guidance and a range of resources to support applicants are now provided.

Please contact the College of Chiropractors at:

The College of Chiropractors
Chiltern Chambers
37 St. Peters Avenue
Reading RG4 7DH

General enquiries: +44 (0)1189 469727
Membership/PRT: +44 (0)1189 469728
Courses and events: +44 (0)1189 469729



The end of January is nearly upon us….

Snowy walk

As we come to the end of January, what does it mean for those goals you set and those plans you made?

So the end of January is nearly upon us and I’m interested in hearing about how everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions have come into place. What have you stuck to and what have you achieved? Perhaps most importantly, will you be continuing those good habits through into February?

Within this blog I just wanted to offer a different perspective on those New Year’s Resolutions. Looking at what you would like to do more of in 2013, rather than what you would like to do less of (giving up).  We still have a little time to add in a couple more resolutions, so why don’t you think about it.


Making a January resolution you’ll be able to keep up

A resolution is something that you decide or intend to do. New Year’s Resolutions are very popular because a New Year is the perfect time to make a change. It is a time for a fresh start and great for creating a “new you.”

You need to choose a resolution  that really means something to you and that you are dedicated to completing. Too many people fail to follow through with their resolutions. Most of the time, this is because you make general resolutions instead of setting specific goals that are more likely to be achieved.

For example, set yourself time aside to go out and socialise with people/friends/family if you have missed out a little lately. Maybe you plan to dance more. To book more holidays….etc etc.  Head out of the norm, think from a different angle. (Our board in Reception that I have put up touches of this a little, so if you haven’t seen it already pop and have a look.)

Coming into the New Year, I suggest you don’t always think about cutting down or giving up on your favourite foods (don’t get me wrong, I believe in these resolutions) but more than often you can think to yourself, deep down, I don’t really want to do this and then soon enough it ends. Be happy with your decisions whatever they may be and DO MORE OF SOMETHING!

A poem for you all to read and to finish up!

“Little January
Tapped at my door today.
And said, “Put on your winter wraps,
And come outdoors to play.”
Little January
Is always full of fun;
Until the set of sun.
Little January
Will stay a month with me
And we will have such jolly times –
Just come along and see.”
–  Winifred C. Marshall, January

If you are looking to make improvements in your life, you should consider consulting with a chiropractor. Chiropractic is about much more than just tackling lower back pain (although it is a great treatment for this issue), it is about getting to the root of issues to find solutions.  From musculoskeletal health to stress and the immune system, the benefits of chiropractic can be wide ranging.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Eastbourne, visit the award-winning team at Lushington Chiropractic

Discovering an all-new you through acupuncture

Could you be saying hello to an all-new you this year with the help of acupuncture?

January is always a good time of year to reflect on what has gone before, as well as setting a course for the New Year. For many people it is the time of year to focus on their health and look to effective treatments such as acupuncture.

It’s not unusual for people to succumb to seasonal bouts of coughs, colds and flus during these post-Christmas winter months. But why is it that some people are affected more or less than others?

For an acupuncture practitioner this is due, not solely, to the many germs and viruses around, but largely to the relative deficiency of one’s own vital energy or Qi. When one’s energy is low this can result in a weakened immune system, allowing colds and flus to flourish.

There are many factors that can deplete your energy and consequently weaken your overall health. These may include diet and nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, lifestyle, overworking and many external factors.

By tackling these issues it should be possible to increase one’s energy reserve and bring the body’s inner landscape into better balance. The result of this is typically a stronger immune system and an increased sense of wellbeing.

Acupuncture works on balancing and increasing this energy throughout the body and I find it interesting to note that people who receive regular acupuncture treatments suffer much less with colds and other minor illnesses.

So what else can we do to improve things as we start the New Year?

After the rich foods and revelry of December, January is the perfect time to take an interest in one’s diet and begin to choose healthier options – ones that bring us closer to vibrant health. Choosing an exercise that is stimulating and keeps you interested will also help to keep you going throughout the year.

Finding ways to lead a better work/life balance is vital and will enable you to avoid burning out and will enable you to enjoy more fully your leisure time. Stress and emotions are two huge factors that drain energy and are well worth considering.

Like all of the team members at Lushington Chiropractic, I believe in the importance of self-care, and I encourage clients to be aware and vigilant of the stresses and strains that impact on their daily lives. It is a well known fact that constant worry and anxiety have a dramatic effect on the body. They act like a leaky tap, constantly draining our vital energy. Understanding where and why this is happening will have an immediate effect. It is a topic that I am passionate about as an acupuncture practitioner, so expect some more blog articles on this in the near future.

Finally, there is one more way you can rev up your energy reserves. It is one which has had the most powerful and enduring effect on my own life and the one I now teach to many students in my classes around the local area. Tai Chi and Qigong are gentle, yet thorough, therapeutic exercise systems which have stood the test of time. They were specifically developed hundreds of years ago to not only work on the musculo-skeletal system but also to enhance the body’s natural energy reserves through specific movements, breathing techniques and internal awareness.

If you would like to find out more about how acupuncture could help you please drop the clinic a call or email, contact us via our Facebook page or come and have a chat with me at the clinic.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and look forward to your comments.

Have a great New Year




A New Year To Welcome Mistakes

A New Year begins and welcomes those mistakes. On reading Rachel’s post on ‘New Year, New Goals with Lushington’ I started to think what the New Year really means.

I came across this saying below which I find inspiring:

 If you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.

So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you’re scared of doing. Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever.

This was written by Neil Gaiman

I used to worry about mistakes all the time. But mistakes can be positive and, as this passage suggests, at least you are doing something and striving towards something – whether you get it right the first time or not.

This brings me onto a book I was told about a few years ago ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’, which was authored by Susan Jeffers. This is a great book that certainly helped to change the way I thought about things and helped me to get on and do it. Susan Jeffers was an interesting lady and it’s well worth taking the time to read more about her and her books if you get chance.

It can be easy to talk about setting goals and taking on challenges, but it is certainly much harder to actually put those into action. So, to help you along the way I thought I would share a few of my achievements of last year. Some are bigger than others but they are all part of ensuring that life is fun and varied:

  •  Celebrated a year with Lushington. Great achievement for me by way of leaving a job of 17 years to find something new that inspired me. I now have a wonderful job that I am incredibly passionate about and I get the opportunity to work with amazing people every day.
  • Designing and decorating cakes. This is something I love to do in my spare time and I enjoy always pushing forward to see what I can achieve with my creativity.
  •  Motorway driving. I know this is easy for some but when you are not used to driving on motorways they can seem quite scary. I decided to drive the return journey home from Dorset to Eastbourne and found it OK, apart from my husband telling me I didn’t have to overtake everything!
  • Singing. I never thought I would see my name as one of the vocals on a CD. At Lushington Chiropractic Clinic, Dr James Revell (Doctor of Chiropractic, not medical) gave us a wonderful opportunity to write and record a clinic song (link to come shortly). It’s safe to say that we all had great fun with the singing lessons and recording at CMP studios.

I certainly feel that I have moved forwards in the last 12 months and I intend to set myself new challenges over the next 12 months. It doesn’t really matter what your timeframe – be it a month or five years – the important thing is that you don’t simply stand still and stop being open to making new mistakes.

If you plan on trying new things over the coming months or wish to share some of the achievements you have experienced in the previous year, please do share your thoughts in the comments section below. And remember that you can also join the conversation on Facebook.


Clinic Assistant Claire