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Chiropractic Advice on how to Choose an Exercise Class or Gym in Eastbourne

If you’re looking for an exercise class or gym in Eastbourne, then here’s some key ideas to remember.

Chiropractors Recommend Keeping Active

I often recommend activity and exercise to help people recover from back pain. Whether that’s rehabilitation exercises or joining a gym it’s important to keep mobile.

However, when you are recovering from back pain, it’s important to make sensible, informed and achievable decisions about how you move and exercise. An excellent reason for going to a gym class is that the variety of different activities can be in a social setting but you can still be in control of what you can manage to do.

I’ve found that people here at Lushington Chiropractic often get better results when they combine their Chiropractic treatment with exercise and self-help advice. However, it can be difficult to know what type of exercise or class is best for you.

In certain competitive sports, like football or tennis where you have to move suddenly to get the ball it’s virtually impossible to stay in control of what you’re doing.

For people returning to activity after an injury I usually recommend home rehab, walking, gentle jogs, an exercise class or joining one of the many gyms in Eastbourne. I want you to choose a form of exercise that’s right for you, so you can stay in control.

Exercises classes and gyms can be particularly popular if you like listening and moving to music. They’re also social, fun and uplifting and the class instructor and fellow classmates can all help with motivation.

There’s Plenty of Choice in Eastbourne

Go and watch a class before you do it so that you know what is involved. Once you have decided to go to your first class, go a little earlier and have a word with the class instructor. Tell them that you are recovering from back pain and that you may have to do parts of the class a little differently or rest for a while. his gives the instructor opportunity to give “low impact” options during the class.

If you see me or one of my colleagues for your chiropractic care I’ll be more than happy to advise on classes and gyms in Eastbourne.

Chiropractors always recommend you Listen to Your Body

When you’ve found the class or gym in Eastbourne that suits you start off steadily. Don’t push yourself too hard too soon. Pain is not gain! Listen to your body, and don’t over do it.

You can still join in by doing fewer repetitions of the movement or moving slower. Using a lower weight or stopping the class or warming down earlier are also options. Every personal trainer or gym instructor will want to know if you’re struggling and will reduce the intensity of the exercise if needed.

Don’t get Competitive

I enjoy playing Touch Rugby here in Eastbourne. It’s much safer for me as a chiropractor than contact rugby, but my Eastbourne team members and I still get competitive!

Remember once you’ve chosen an exercise class or gym, you don’t need to be the fastest or the strongest. Exercise is about taking part, and keeping the habit going.

There will always be someone who can run faster or is older but quicker than me but “run your own race”.

Lots of Gyms and Exercise Classes Available in Eastbourne

Here in Eastbourne there are many exercise classes and gym options that are on offer.

Back friendly options include;

  • Aqua fit – moving to music in a pool
  • Tai chi – a gentle martial art, slow movements and good for balance and breathing
  • Zumba – sort of line dance with Latin and world rhythm music. Depending on the class this can be high or low impact (Zumba gold is a little gentler)
  • Energie fitness for Women in Grove Road, Eastbourne
  • Pilates – there’s various places, but one which has lots of classes is the Natural Fitness Centre on Eastbourne Seafront
  • Yoga – try the Natural Fitness Centre and there’s also a range of classes at the Enterprise Centre near Eastbourne train station

Ask your Chiropractor or Massage Therapist

Your chiropractor or Massage therapist here at Lushington Chiropractic will be happy to help. They’ve got lots of local knowledge about exercise classes and gyms in Eastbourne and will know what best suits you. Just let them know that you’re keen!

If you’re not already a patient here, but are looking for local Eastbourne advice, then please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

We also work in conjunction with several Eastbourne exercise classes and gyms – just ask your Chiropractor for further information.

The Image Shows a Massage Therapist Tree Climbing in Eastbourne, perhaps he couldn't find a gym in Eastbourne to suit him?

Here’s a Picture of one of our more adventurous Team Members Getting some Exercise on the downs outside Eastbourne. Can you guess who it is?

Classes To Exercise With Caution

  • Step – simple all body workout with a lot of choice between low and high impact movements.
  • Spinning – on stationary bikes. Adjust the bike, get a good position and don’t go too fast.
  • Body pump – uses light to moderate weights. No bouncing but lunges, bends and crunches.

Classes Not To Do When You Are In Recovery

  • Body attack – high energy class. Lunges, press ups, squats, running and jumping.
  • Jump fit – on mini trampolines. Fun but difficult to control your movements.

Here in Eastbourne we are lucky to have a beautiful seafront promenade and The South Downs on our doorstep for “free” walks that can help to keep you active in the fresh air and outdoors.

Whatever you choose and decide to do – just ENJOY.

Thank you,

James Revell

About Me:

I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and Clinic Director at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne. I have worked in Eastbourne since 2004 and I have always taken an active approach to keeping fit and healthy. I have been a member at many of the local gym’s in Eastbourne and as a chiropractor I am always keen for my guests (patients) to keep active.


Massage Therapy at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne

Lushington Chiropractic is an award-winning chiropractic and massage therapy clinic in the heart of Eastbourne. We’re a large multidisciplinary clinic. Our team of chiropractors and massage therapists all have different specialities, but what unites us is our drive and passion for delivering the highest standards of clinical care.

Apart from chiropractic, the most popular service at the clinic is sports massage therapy. This blog is about what motivates our massage team, and why they’re proud practicing from Lushington Chiropractic Clinic.

A wide range of people from across Eastbourne and the surrounding Sussex area see our massage team with a range of problems, or simply for a relaxing massage. The massage team here are particularly highly qualified and experienced, covering a range of massage techniques from deep tissue sports and remedial massage to the gentle and nurturing type of relaxing massage.

Image show Oly Ody, massage therapist, standing outside of Lushington Chiropractic.

Oly Ody

Oliver Ody BSc(HONS), MSc – Eastbourne Massage Therapist & Conditioning Coach

Associate Sports Massage Therapist; Consultant Personal Trainer; MSc Applied Exercise Physiology; BSc Sport Science; Advanced Diploma in Personal Training; REP’s Registered Level 3 Personal Trainer; TTR Studio Cycling, Gym Boxing, Circuit Training, Sports Nutrition; Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist; Rock Tape practitioner

Oly has worked as a massage therapist and personal trainer here in Eastbourne since 2011. He has a BSc degree in Sport Science and a Masters in Applied Exercise Physiology which he completed here in Eastbourne at Brighton University. As well as being a keen sportsman himself, Oly’s worked as an elite level Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer in Eastbourne, based at the Brighton University Gym in Denton Road, Meads.

As a reflection of Oly’s reputation he was asked to be a Massage Therapist for the Samoan Rugby team, when they were staying here in Sussex for the Rugby World Cup 2015. Rather than jetting off around the world to continue that work with elite athletes, we’re delighted that Oly’s decided to further his career here in Eastbourne when he joined our Chiropractic Clinic at the start of 2016.

Here’s why Oly wanted to practice sports massage and rehabilitation exercise therapy with us here in Eastbourne:

“Lushington Chiropractic has an excellent reputation, not only here in Eastbourne but amongst local massage therapists and other practitioners.

 I am proud to work within a team of highly qualified practitioners, across a multitude of disciplines. I’m always confident and happy to recommend friends, family and personal clients to come here. I know they’re in good hands, whether they’re going to see someone for acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, nutritional therapy or whatever they need.

 Eastbourne is a small town, and reputation sticks, which is why I was particularly drawn to the high standards of chiropractic treatment and sports massage therapy delivered at the clinic. What impressed me from the start was everyone’s positive attitude and focus on being the best they can. All the practitioners are focused on developing their skills and knowledge to better benefit the guests that they care for.

 I work most closely with the massage therapists and chiropractors. Most of us live close to Eastbourne, so it’s easy to meet on a weekly basis to discuss cases, share learning form CPD courses and genuinely work together as a team.

 I particularly appreciate the positive mindset and productive energy everyone has at the clinic. It’s great to work here and is a rare opportunity to be able to work with such motivated and kind team of sports massage therapists and chiropractors.

 I’m also proud to be a sports massage therapist in a clinic that puts so much emphasis on health promotion. In fact, HEALTH is one of our core values. We treat the person not the symptoms with a focus on wellness, growth and improving performance.

 Lushington Chiropractic has rightly got an excellent reputation in Eastbourne for its very caring approach and results with treatment. I’m proud to be a part of the team, because of their high standards, positive energy and the genuine focus on health, and caring for people as an individual.”

Sue Hudson, Massage Therapist, standing outside of Lushington Chiropractic

Sue Hudson

Sue Hudson BSc(HONS), LSSM(Dip), MISRM – Eastbourne Soft Tissue & Sports Massage Therapist

Associate Soft Tissue Incorporating Sports Massage; BSc (HONS) Technology; Level 5 Diploma London School of Sports Massage; Member Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage Therapists; BTF Level 2 Coach; UK Athletics Level 1 Coach

 Sue has completed the London School of sports Massage Level 5 diploma in massage therapy. She’s practiced with us here in Eastbourne as a sports massage therapist since 2013. Sue’s very popular with her guests and has a large group of people who see her on a regular basis.

As well as her massage therapy Sue is a qualified triathlon and athletics coach, keen cyclist and sea swimmer. Sue makes the most out of our excellent location to keep fit, cycling through the Sussex Downs and swimming off Eastbourne’s beaches. Sue lives, works and competes in Sussex, so it was particularly important to her to find a clinic which had a reputation she could be proud of.

Here’s what Sue says about why she chose to practice massage therapy with us here in Eastbourne town centre:

“I’m proud to practice from this Eastbourne based chiropractic and sports massage therapy clinic which has a range of practitioners who are experts in a wide range of clinical areas, including acupuncture, massage, podiatry, exercise rehabilitation and more.

 One of the reasons I’m proud to work at this chiropractic clinic in Eastbourne is because of the range of practitioners practicing here. The team cover a wide range of clinical expertise, including acupuncture, massage, podiatry, exercise rehabilitation and more.

 The practitioners here are highly experienced and work hard to continually develop and improve their skills. For example, my massage therapy colleagues and I regularly attend training and professional development courses throughout the year to maintain our high standards and keep up to date with research and development.

 Each practitioner is responsible for their own development and it a source of pride for each person to maintain their standards both professionally and personally. Developments within the various fields are ongoing and fast paced, it is important that this personal development is maintained at a high standard. We discuss cases, techniques, the latest research and ideas that are coming up in in our own area of expertise.

 The mutual support and common vision to make a difference to the people we see has resulted in a dynamic and progressive clinical environment. Since I joined the clinic I’ve seen the standards and variety of sports, remedial and relaxing massage services we offer develop, driving forwards the standards, professionalism and care available to local people in and around Eastbourne.

I am also particularly proud of the clinic’s ethics and values. The chiropractors, massage therapy and reception team promote a genuinely caring and friendly environment, which is a pleasure to work in. Everyone treats our patients as holistically as individuals, with physical and emotional problems which need to be addressed to help improve and optimise their health.

 From the reception team to the practitioners each person is concerned with the overall welfare of the patient. The whole team strive to offer the best possible treatment, whether that’s massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture or whatever they need.”

Ryan Keats, Massage Therapist, standing outside of Lushington Chiropractic

Ryan Keats

Ryan Keats BSc(HONS), MSTO– Eastbourne Sports Therapist

 Associate Sports Therapist & Massage Therapist; BSc(HONS) Sports Therapy; Member of the Sports Therapy Organisation;

Ryan has completed a degree in Sports Therapy at the University of Kent, where he was made an ambassador of the University for services to charity and the local community.

Ryan grew up in Eastbourne and observed with us whilst he was still a student deciding which way to take his career. After graduating as a Sports Therapist, he began working privately himself in Eastbourne, and for Eastbourne Borough’s Football Academy. When we had a sports massage vacancy in 2017 he joined our team here in the town centre. He quickly developed a loyal band of clients of all ages and abilities who particularly enjoyed his approach to massage therapy.

Ryan’s degree in Sports Therapy allows him to combine a range of techniques and diagnostic tests with his sports massage. He often compliments his treatments with a range of advice and exercise.

Here’s what Ryan says about why he chose to practice as a Sports & Massage Therapist with us:

“Having grown up in Eastbourne I’ve known of clinic’s reputation for some time. Back when I was still studying for my Sports Therapy degree I contacted the clinic to observe some of the chiropractors here. When I visited I was really impressed by the standard of patient care delivered by the chiropractors, massage therapist and other practitioners, as well as the clinic’s genuine focus on contributing in various ways to the local community in Eastbourne.

 Something I noted at the time and I’m now a part of, is the focus on providing genuinely patient-centred chiropractic or massage treatment.

In a team like ours the patient (guest) always get the best treatment for their personal needs. The various massage therapists and chiropractors will recommend what’s best for the patient, and not just carry on doing the treatment they like doing.

 As a Sports Therapist I can help a wide range of people with various problems (not just sports people with sports injuries). However, if I’m not the best person to help, then I can easily recommend someone else to help if it’s in the guest’s best interest.

 For example: one of the chiropractors recently referred a lady to me for some sports massage to relax her tight neck and shoulder muscles to get long-lasting results with her headaches. The combination of treatment was ideal for her.

 Everyone here is happy to refer to other therapists when they feel a guest’s ailments exceeds their own professional scope. The emphasis on personalised care is something which is even in the clinic’s mission statement. This kind of patient-centred clinical team work is something I’m proud of.

 There are no egos within the team just great professionalism and teamwork throughout, we all want the best for who we see as our guests.

 Another reason I’m proud to be a Sports Therapist here is because of the clinic’s community values and the work we do for people in need and charities in Eastbourne.

 I am carer myself and believe strongly in the importance of helping others. I’ve always done a lot of charity work, be it Cancer Research UK, as part of various “buddy schemes” or providing post-event sports massage at the London Marathon and other events for children’s trust.

 Similarly, the team at Lushington Chiropractic are actively involved in supporting local and national charities like Eastbourne’s Food Bank, The Santa Run on Eastbourne’s Seafront, Dr Barnardo’s Children’s Charity and more.

 Shortly after I joined the clinic, we all entered a local charity fundraising event. It was a team effort and for a few hours we had to close the clinic to take part in the relay run along Terminus Road, in Eastbourne.

 I was new to the clinic and knew I’d made the right choice when the chiropractors, massage and reception teams all happily gave up their time, to contribute to the community by fundraising. I was impressed that rather than just staying open to treat patients, we closed for a short while to go out and raise money in support Eastbourne’s St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

 Lushington Chiropractic’s selfless attitude of putting others first epitomises the reasons I wanted to become a Sports Therapist. Their focus ethical, patient-centred practice makes the clinic a rewarding place to work.

 I had the chance to work at other clinics in Eastbourne, but having grown up here it was particularly important to me to find somewhere with a set of values and ethics I could be proud of. Lushington Chiropractic certainly does that.” 

Kim Brown, Massage Therapist, standing outside of Lushington Chiropractic

Kim Brown

Kim Brown Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist.

BSc Sports Studies, LSSM Diploma Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy,  Level 1 & 2 British Triathlon Coach,  LSSM Myofacial Release, Kinetic Rev Functional Running & Gait Re-education, Dry Needling & Advanced Medical Acupuncture.

Kim explains why she chose to work at Lushington Chiropractic.

“Eastbourne has always been a grand town in my eyes. It’s a place that I’ve visited on sunny weekends to go to the beach or to do some shopping. Now that I’m a key practitioner at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic, I still enjoy the cycle or drive into Eastbourne and arriving at work.

Being part of the Sports Massage team at Lushington is a major part of my life. Each week, when I meet new guests, with their own particular problems, I want to help give that person back their quality of life and reduce their pain. I completely have faith in Sports Massage therapy and the positive effects that it has on peoples’ lives.

I feel that having insight and understanding of the origin of a person’s pain or discomfort and how their circumstances may effect their condition, are part of what make a good massage therapist. The trust built between a guest and their therapist is extremely important.

The Lushington Chiropractic Clinic is a special place to practice as a therapist. You are very supported by all of the staff and this shows in the warm atmosphere that it has when you walk in.

There is a high level of communication about each specific case between the chiropractors and the Massage therapists. This exchange enables us to provide accurate diagnosis and to treat a patients’ condition in an effective way.

Lushington’s high tech booking management system is extremely efficient. It allows me to see my diary ahead and create a treatment plan for each individual guest to keep them moving forward towards improved mobility, functionality and happiness.

Eastbourne town has an amazing variety of people living in and around the area. Being well situated in the centre of town, Lushington attracts and provides a service for all ages and from all walks of life. I get to meet fascinating people every day which gives me a great deal of energy for my highly valued work.”

Lizzie |Wright standing outside of Lushington Chiropractic

Lizzie Wright

Lizzie Wright BSc(HONS), SMA – Eastbourne Soft Tissue and Sport Massage Therapist.

Associate soft tissue and sports massage therapist; BSc (HONS) Sport Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage. Level 4 soft tissue and sports massage. Member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA). ASA Level 2 swim teacher.

Lizzie has graduated with a first class BSc (HONS) degree in Sport conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage and is also a member of SMA with level 4 sports massage therapy. Lizzie loved studying in Cardiff but there is no place like home and home is here in Eastbourne. Lizzie is this year excited to be part of a great team working as a sports massage therapist at Lushington Chiropractic.

As well as working at the practice, Lizzie spends a lot of time teaching swimming at Eastbourne Otters and Eastbourne Swimming Club. As a competitive swimmer she captained and swam for Eastbourne Swimming Club at County and Regional competitions, was selected and represented the South East of England in Liverpool for ESSA National schools championships in 2012 and 2013 and also represented her University at BUCS national championships help in Sheffield for 3 years 2014-2017. Lizzie finds teaching and training the next generation of Eastbourne competitive swimmers a rewarding way to give back to the sport that has given her so much.

This what Lizzie has to say about why she chose to practice sport massage therapy here at Lushington Chiropractic:

“The reason I came to work here at Lushington Chiropractic is because of the impressive and driven people that that are the heart and soul of the practice. I first came to the practice for work experience and I was quickly offered an opportunity to take up a position as a sports massage therapist which, I was delighted to accept and subsequently joined the team. From the moment I walked in, everyone welcomed me and made me feel valued. I can honestly say, that the team of talented professional and passionate people/practitioners who work here at Lushington Chiropractic provide a great service to their many clients.

Lushington Chiropractic has genuine team commitment to help as many people they can from all different walks of life and backgrounds. One of the key priorities are individual care plans and the belief that everyone is different and has individual needs. I know I am committed to helping and adding value to every client I see and I am very happy to be working alongside people that share my values.

For a multi-disciplined clinic the communication between practitioners is outstanding as it needs to be, for the wellbeing of the client comes before all else. All the different disciplines discuss and advise the best care for clients often referring to other therapies with the best interests of the client in mind. This way of working is very client focused and makes us stand out as a top practice.

Lushington Chiropractic has a culture of individual development. For myself I am constantly eager to learn new techniques and methods of treatment from those I work with. I do have discussions with the other practitioners about CPD causes that they found interesting and relevant. It is refreshing to work with people who want to see you develop and grow as a practitioner and therapist.

Eastbourne has always been my home and I feel very lucky to be able to live and work in such a great town. At Lushington Chiropractic they understand that Eastbourne is a vibrant community and work hard to maintain a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. Lushington chiropractic has a fantastic local brand and reputation and I am extremely proud to count myself as one of the team.

From the caring staff to the super clients, Lushington Chiropractic is a wonderful clinic in Eastbourne where the clients’ best interests and well-being are at heart of all we do. I am happy to recommend friends and family to the clinic as I know they will be receiving the best care by some truly talented and passionate practitioners.”

Book your Sports or Relaxing Massage in Eastbourne:

If you’re looking for chiropractic or massage therapy treatment in Eastbourne, then we’ll be pleased to help. Simply contact us to book a consultation either with one of the chiropractors or direct with a massage therapist.

You don’t have to be a chiropractic patient to have a massage. If you’re not sure who would be best placed to help you then ask for a call back or for a free chat with one of our practitioners. Our chiropractic and massage team will put your needs first.

The clinic is easily located in Eastbourne town centre. We have our own off-street parking and easily accessible being all on the ground floor, with late opening hours including Saturdays.


Foam Roller Friday – The Lower Back.

Welcome back to Foam Roller Friday!

This week is focussing on the lower back, predominantly the spinal erector muscles.

Image shows Sports Massage Therapist Oly Ody outside of Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne

Oly Ody Sports Massage Therapist at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne.

Lower back problems and pain is probably one of the biggest taxes on the NHS, simple regular exercise and soft tissue management could at least half this problem.

The lower back is effected by many day to day factors. Posture for instance – seated and standing, daily work duties – bending over things, picking up heavy objects or being seated for long periods of time. Exercise is another factor – lifting weights incorrectly, imbalanced routines with excessive anterior chain bias or sporting injuries.

These factors can cause the back to become weak, tight or both leading to pain and if no action is taken towards remedying the pain will become chronic.

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling combined with a well-coordinated exercise program will help release tension within the lower back muscles and help correct posture, however, foam rolling the lower back can be a tricky affair as it is often quite painful and awkward to localise the right areas around the spine, pelvis and ribs.

Using the techniques demonstrated in the video will show you how to manipulate the roller into working on the common tight spots. The lower back has several layers of muscle and direct downward pressure from a roller can often not reach deep enough to release. Positioning the body on the roller can allow the roller better access to the deeper tissue. Similarly, to the lats the back is a large area so taking time finding various points is important. It is best to do one side at a time and vary between working the roller up and down the muscle as well as holding on trigger points. By doing one side at a time you can rotate the body to get deeper into the muscles.

Watch my video on foam rolling the lower back here

You can get help, advice and tips from the massage therapists and chiropractors here at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne by following our online blog Backblog



Why I became a Sports Massage Therapist.

My reasons for becoming a sports massage therapist, the perfect choice.

Becoming a Sports Massage Therapist at Lushington Chiropractic perfectly complimented my existing Personal Training business. The nature of my business is helping people achieve their goals – whether it is losing weight, building muscle or rehabbing an injury so what better way to add to my repertoire being able to help people relieve pain, reduce stress and generally feel great!

Dr Revell the clinic principal here at Lushington Chiropractic trains with me and we discussed the possibility of me joining the clinic as a Sports Massage Therapist and after many discussions here I am!

It’s been great here so far.

Meeting amazing new guests and helping them on their own health journey and achieving their goals is really satisfying.  As for me personally since working at the clinic I’ve benefited and progressed as a therapist, being able to constantly converse with such a highly qualified and professional team is hugely important to growing within a profession.

Image of Oly Ody Sports Massage Therapist outside of Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne

Oly Ody Sports Massage Therapist

Injury rehabilitation.

I have looked to specialise more in injury rehabilitation as it combines both my PT and massage knowledge and have been taking CPD courses to further my knowledge around this area so I can provide the best possible service to all of my guests and clients.

Often there are times when I have PT clients booked in at the gym and someone has slept funny or had a stressful day at work I can mix the nature of the session to a more recovery and treatment based session with trigger point work and assisted stretching for example so they can get the most out of their time with me.

My clients know that I am the best person to see if they aren’t feeling 100% or have a niggle of some sort because they know they will leave feeling better than when they walk in the door. Being able to do that for people is great and makes me very pleased with my career choice and progression.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you soon!


Why I choose the LSSM London School of Sports and Remedial Massage course!

In November 2013 I gained my level 3 Active IQ in Soft Tissue Therapy

I knew this was an area that I wanted to continue to further my knowledge and build a worthwhile career. After many hours of studying and contemplating my next move, I sought advice from a dear friend Jess who was already working professionally in a massage and clinical environment at Lushington Chiropractic. She advised me to gain some hands-on experience within a clinical practice. So here is where the story unfolds.

I had been advised by Jess to write to James Revell at Lushington Chiropractic clinic in Eastbourne, asking him if I could do some voluntary shadow shifts with Jess as my mentor. He agreed of which I was delighted, I spent a few hours a week shadowing Jess with her clients, learning from her and developing new skills to add to my own ways of working.

After many months of shadowing Jess, she advised me to enrol with the London School of Sports and Remedial Massage

Jess had completed the course herself and couldn’t speak highly enough of this course. I then did my research and went online and had a little look at what the course involves. I liked what I had seen and thought the course structure was brilliant and liked the fact that it was a year of studying. Also, I realised soon after it was seen as one of the most recognisable qualifications to have in the clinical environment. So for me it was a winner and I booked on without hesitation.

The LSSM is a year’s course gaining a level 5 diploma in Sports and Remedial massage.

At the time it was based in two locations, one being London-Regents College and also in Southampton. I selected to study at Regents College in London. The course structure is spread out over the year, one weekend a month, in this time having lectures and practical hands on tuition. This course is not for the faint hearted- it takes over your life!

The LSSM course is made up of three practical exams, four paper based assignments, and 100 logged hours of practical massage throughout the year, there was also a theory paper and practical exam at the end of the course. The tutors are highly qualified and experienced professionals with a wide range of knowledge, some have their own practices as well. It was a pleasure to learn from them, each weekend I would learn something new to apply to my work that I found so beneficial.

LSSM trained massage therapist Kirsty Ellis

LSSM trained massage therapist Kirsty Ellis

I would definitely recommend anyone starting out a career in massage to seriously get booked onto The London School of Sports and Remedial Massage Course. I learnt a lot, made some lifelong friends and most importantly gained confidence in my own level of ability. This is an incredibly rewarding job and I love it. Thank you to the LSSM team and also the people that have helped me along my amazing journey to get where I am today.

If you would like to know more about my work, please visit Lushington Chiropractic clinic.

Many thanks

Kirsty Ellis LSSM Dip, MISRM

Therapeutic massage at Lushington Chiropractic – Case Study George

Eastbourne therapeutic massage case study

George is a regular visitor to Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne. He is a very healthy 90 year old who is still very active and has regular chiropractic and massage therapy care to maintain his health and wellbeing. In this article, we look at the assortment of massage techniques and stretches that masseuse Andy Swan applies during appointments to keep his body working well.

As one of the massage therapists at Lushington chiropractic, Andy Swan uses a stretching technique called active isolated stretching, which helps to maintain good function in George’s lower body and legs. It focuses on stretching the hamstrings, calves, glutes and quadriceps in a specific protocol designed to keep the tissue flexible and supple.

This is followed with a general massage to his back, neck, shoulders and arms, which is done with lots of effleurage (a form of massage involving a repeated circular stroking movement made with the palm of the hand) and petrissage (a massage technique that involves kneading the body). Together, these movements are used to soften stretch and ease muscular stiffness and tension.

Andy says: “George is a marvellous person who really understands the benefits the massage brings him.”


 What Lushington Chiropractic offers

Award Winning Treatment.  Local, Affordable and Effective.  Friendly, Professional Team. 10 years of proven, award winning service to over 8,000 local people.
Therapeutic massage is ideal for those suffering with back pain, neck pain, muscle spasms or joint aches. If you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, then call today to see to arrange an initial appointment  on 01323 722499.

We are proud of our results, reputation and the trust our community puts in us.

Massage at Lushington Chiropractic – Case study Theresa

Therapeutic massage case study

Therapeutic massages are different from the kind you may have experienced as part of a pamper package at a spa or beauty clinic. They are designed to treat a number of musculoskeletal issues, alleviating pain, increasing mobility and generally improving an individual’s quality of life. Here’s a case study relating to Theresa, a patient of Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne, which explains how therapeutic massage works in practice.

Theresa visited Lushington chiropractic for treatment on a trapped nerve in her neck and shoulder. During her initial appointment with masseuse Andy Swan she explained how she was experiencing pain on the left side of her body, accompanied by tingling and numbness down the left arm into the hand.

First treatment: The main outcome was to relieve or ease the tingling and numbness down the arm, this was achieved using a combination of deep tissue massage and gentler effleurage massage strokes (a form of massage involving a repeated circular stroking movement made with the palm of the hand) to the trapezius muscle (the large triangular muscle extending over the back of the neck and shoulders and moving the head and shoulder blade). Andy also treated the rhomboid levator scapula and scalenes (a group of muscles in the neck) by stretching and kneading the muscles to ease the tension and stiffness that was resulting in the tingling sensation.

In this case, the initial treatment helped to significantly reduce the tingling and numbness, reducing the discomfort. Subsequent appointments were then focused on reducing the stiffness further and returning full mobility to the trouble areas. This was aided by work with Theresa on improving head carriage and posture.


About Eastbourne Chiropractic

Lushington Chiropractic is a multi-award winning chiropractic and sports massage clinic in Eastbourne town centre. We provide a range of treatments from expert chiropractic care to nutritional therapy, counselling, acupuncture, podiatry, sports massage and relaxing massage.

We genuinely care about our patients and improving their quality of life. We have an extremely professional and dedicated team who deliver the highest service and have over 80 years expertise between them.

Massage Therapist: Sue Hudson – Get to know your Massage Therapist.

Sue Hudson Clinical Sport and Remedial  Massage Therapist   BSc ( Hons) LSSM (Dip) MISRM


Lushington’s  Q & A:

What would your perfect Sunday consist of:

In Summer a nice sea swim followed by coffee and cake ( cake is always required after a sea swim) .  Afternoon in the garden and a nice meal in the evening.

Favourite Meal:

There are too many lovely things to choose from to have a favourite – I love trying new and unusual things

Favourite TV show:

QI, Have I got news for you, Mock the week


Inspirational people rather than hero/heroine .  Its got to be Sister Madonna Buder – a catholic nun who decided at age 48 to leave her closed order  to take up triathlon training and after years of racing still currently holds the world record for the oldest women to complete an ironman length triathlon (2.4mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run) at the age of 81 in 2012– an inspirational person who shows that age is not a barrier!

Favourite Sport:

To compete in – Triathlon  – swimming, cycling and running in that order. Also love scuba diving in warm waters although the equipment is a bit heavy out of the water!

I like watching track running and cross country running live rather than on TV .

I Used to have a season ticket at one of the larger London football Clubs but I won’t mention which one.

Laughs at:

People taking themselves too seriously

First pet:

It might have been a hamster but not sure if it was mine or my brother’s but it soon escaped and was replaced by an unfriendly black cat. (The cat might have had something to do with the hamster’s disappearance.)

Motivated to:

Try out new things. Stay active and enjoy it. Keep learning.

How many places have you travelled to:

Far too many to list but since taking up Triathlon I have competed in Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Madeira, Hungary, Czech Republic, Hawaii and  Canada.

Have also visited most of Europe and North Africa, bits of the USA and the middle East , Mexico , Fiji and Iceland

Lots more still on the list to see !

First record/CD:

I  think it was Tobacco Road by the Nashville Teens. Still one of my favourites by a great British group despite the name .  If you’ve never heard  it   ….



If you were an animal what would you be and why:

A pine marten .


I once stayed in a cottage in Scotland where they visited every evening. Very inquisitive but wary and they loved jam sandwiches as a treat .

What was your favourite toy as a child: 

A red tricycle . Many hours spent out with my friends cycling around east brighton park and along the undercliff walk in Brighton.

Can you play any instruments?:

NO but  I tried the  gazoo.

Any unusual hobbies:

Coaching adult triathletes in running and swimming .