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Foam Roller Friday – Myofascial release ITB

Introducing my new top tip series “Foam Roller Fridays”.

From time to time I will be posting videos on how best to use a foam roller for myofascial release. Foam rolling is a form of myofascial release that can be used by oneself.

Image shows Sports Massage Therapist Oly Ody outside of Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne

Sports Massage Therapist at Lushington Chiropractic Oly Ody


Fascia is a huge continuous system made up of elastin and collagen that covers and interweaves through muscle, bone, nerves and blood vessels. In a healthy state the fascia is a wavy formation of tissue and is pliable. There are various factors that can impact on the state of fascia such as physical trauma caused by accidents, poor posture, repetitive stress, surgery and inflammation. Tightness in fascia can also be dependent emotional stress and wellness too.

Restrictions or tightness in fascia exerts pressure on the system that cause pain and tension related headaches from a wellness perspective and restricted movement and instability from a performance perspective. Myofascial release aims to remove the restrictions in the body’s fascia that are causing dysfunction or pain.

My first video covers the Iliotibial band or the ITB.

This is a commonly tight piece of connective tissue that can cause a variety of knee and hip pain and dysfunction. The ITB originates at the iliac tubercle portion of the iliac crest and inserts to the lateral condyle of the tibia – basically saying it attaches from the pelvis down the outside of the thigh to the outside of the knee. Tightness in the ITB can also restrict certain movement patterns inhibiting performance and increasing risk of injury.

The ITB is often very painful to release and generally has numerous points along the band that create tightness. When foam rolling the ITB people tend to lay directly onto the band. Personally I find that 1) that is extremely painful causing greater tension within the fascia limiting the point of the exercise and 2) with the thigh/quadriceps there are a lot of crossover points where fascia tends to bind creating stiffness. By putting direct pressure onto the ITB I find that it can lead to it sticking to the tissues beneath creating more stiffness.

As shown in the video my techniques apply pressure from below and above the ITB creating a stretch on the tissue and a lifting pull on the band freeing it from the tissues beneath. My technique also allows for easy pressure management so you can hold each trigger point to the right level to allow it to release rather than tighten further.

Try this technique before and after sport/training to maximise your movement potential or if you are suffering from any knee or hip related pain or discomfort try foam rolling your ITB daily to see if that relieves your symptoms.

Watch my video on myofascial release here

You can check out further hints and tips from the Massage Therapists and Chiropractors at Lushington Chiropractic by checking out our online chiropractic blog Backblog.

Look out for my next blog in February when I will be covering Latissimus Dorsi commonly known as “the lats”.


A Day in the Life of the Lushington Massage Therapists

Ever wondered what a typical Tuesday is like for your massage therapist?

Although each day varies, we thought it would be really nice to share with you what the massage therapists day was like on a typical Tuesday in November.

Lushington Chiropractic’s massage therapist Andy Swan gets ready to start his day by setting up the room.

7:00 am

Arrive at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne ready for a busy Tuesday morning as massage therapist. I grab my files for the day and begin by setting up the room for my first guest.

Lushington Chiropractic's massage therapist Andy Swan gets ready to start his day by setting up the room.

Lushington Chiropractic’s massage therapist Andy Swan gets ready to start his day by setting up the room.


First guest of the day an inspiring older lady with some ongoing neck and lower back pain. It is a real privilege to be able to help people who walk in with pain and discomfort but with a treatment plan and a little bit of work the results can be outstanding. After her massage she walks out straighter and taller and I am left thinking I hope I am as capable and able when I get to that age.

What is really exciting about working here at Lushington is the sheer variety of conditions and ailments that we deal with on a daily basis. Everything from general aches and pains to osteoarthritis of various joints to general stress relief from day to day stress and overwhelm.

Next guest an older gentleman with arthritis in his hip. He has regular massage as maintenance and management for his hip pain. This would involve some deep tissue massage along with some stretching protocols using the Active Isolated Stretching Method. These are  great take home techniques which really help keep the musculoskeletal system moving and opening in between regular massage sessions.


Midmorning neck pain, shoulders arthritic pain and now some general maintenance massage, many guests have found that regular massage after the initial condition or ailment has been resolved keeps everything working and functioning better and also helps take care of any other underlying issues.

It can be really inspiring seeing the get up and go that our guests have and how committed they can be with their treatment plans.

It must be one of the best feelings to be able to help people and to see their continued improvement day to day.

Busy but exciting morning working with all these various conditions it never gets boring here as there is so much variety.


Close of shift for this Tuesday morning time to change the couch covers and prep the room for the next practitioner and then off to our weekly team meeting.

Andy Swan

Next we hear from Oly Ody who is working the afternoon shift.


After a busy morning Personal Training at the Brighton University Gym in Meads, Eastbourne, I have just arrived in the town centre to Lushington Chiropractic, to start my shift as massage therapist. The chiropractic and massage team always meet on Tuesdays to discuss our guests and their treatment plans.

I enjoy working with the chiropractors in this multi-disciplinary way because it helps everyone to focus the attention on the guest and exactly what they need – rather than just doing the treatment you’re good at and not suggesting someone else who may be better able to help with a particular condition or problem. I think this ensures that our guests get the best possible care from both chiropractic and massage treatment modalities, plus any rehab exercises we’re working on.

Image shows Lushington Massage Therapist Oly Ody's room set up

Lushington Massage Therapist Oly Ody has set up his room for the day.

Once I’d seen all of the chiropractors and discussed cases I set up my massage room for my first massage of the day.


A quick 10-minute break between massages, I have seen 3 people already for massage and rehabilitation exercises. Everyone is doing very well with their treatment.

The first two massage patients were new to me last week. They are a husband and wife who booked in for a double massage each. The double massages (1 hour 30 minutes are getting more popular than ever. Some people use them for relaxing massages others, like to have a firm deep tissue sports massage. They were both happy with how their sports massage treatments are coming on. They chose to see me because of the link with the chiropractors and the reputation of the clinic in the local area.

Myofascial release tool

With the last massage I used a unique metal tool, it is known as a myofascial release tool and the practice is referred to as “IASTM” (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation) and/or “Graston Technique” which the chiropractors will be more familiar with, both methods are similar in terms of technique and results.

The fascial release tool I have is called the MT2Blade and looks like something that should be in a Bruce Lee film! And although it can leave behind some red markings from where the underlying scar tissue/adhesions have been released the treatment itself is a lot less painful than many other typical sports massage techniques and the results are amazing.

Image shows Massage Therapist Oly Ody's Myofascial Release Tool

Massage Therapist Oly Ody’s Myofascial Release Tool

The patient I used it on is in his 60’s, and has suffered with a stiff neck for years. I’ve seen him for a few massage treatments already but today we advance to the fascial release tool. Because of the preparation massage work we’d done it just took me a few minutes to release the tension and help ease some of the scar tissue. He could move his neck better straight away.

When he came in his neck was very stiff, but once we’d finished he could move much more easily and told me that “he is going to audition for the next exorcist movie with how much he can turn his head around!”

Now back to work for a couple more massages and a back rehab session – a new referral from James Revell Doctor of Chiropractic & Clinic Director. I’m seeing a thirty-year-old man for some rehab exercises to help strengthen his low back after a suspected disc injury through over training at the gym.


All done at the chiropractors now, just seen my last massage patient of the day – it’s been a busy day but it’s still not over for me yet!

Once I have tidied up the massage room ready for whoever is in first thing tomorrow I’m back up to the Brighton University Gym (Eastbourne Campus) in Meads, to take a Kettlebell Class from 8-9pm.

Kettlebells are a great tool for building strength and function as well as being quite aerobic too. Many of the exercises I use in the class involve recruiting lots of major muscles creating a nice oxygen debt which stresses the cardiovascular system as a result. I use kettlebells a lot in my personal training sessions too because of the benefits and variety they provide.

It’s been a long and busy day for me. I love keeping busy though and to be honest the results with people are so motivating. I look back and think the funniest bit was the “exorcist” remark from my patient who (used to have) a stiff neck. Another happy patient!

You can read more about us by following our online chiropractoc blog Backblog

Why I became a Sports Massage Therapist.

My reasons for becoming a sports massage therapist, the perfect choice.

Becoming a Sports Massage Therapist at Lushington Chiropractic perfectly complimented my existing Personal Training business. The nature of my business is helping people achieve their goals – whether it is losing weight, building muscle or rehabbing an injury so what better way to add to my repertoire being able to help people relieve pain, reduce stress and generally feel great!

Dr Revell the clinic principal here at Lushington Chiropractic trains with me and we discussed the possibility of me joining the clinic as a Sports Massage Therapist and after many discussions here I am!

It’s been great here so far.

Meeting amazing new guests and helping them on their own health journey and achieving their goals is really satisfying.  As for me personally since working at the clinic I’ve benefited and progressed as a therapist, being able to constantly converse with such a highly qualified and professional team is hugely important to growing within a profession.

Image of Oly Ody Sports Massage Therapist outside of Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne

Oly Ody Sports Massage Therapist

Injury rehabilitation.

I have looked to specialise more in injury rehabilitation as it combines both my PT and massage knowledge and have been taking CPD courses to further my knowledge around this area so I can provide the best possible service to all of my guests and clients.

Often there are times when I have PT clients booked in at the gym and someone has slept funny or had a stressful day at work I can mix the nature of the session to a more recovery and treatment based session with trigger point work and assisted stretching for example so they can get the most out of their time with me.

My clients know that I am the best person to see if they aren’t feeling 100% or have a niggle of some sort because they know they will leave feeling better than when they walk in the door. Being able to do that for people is great and makes me very pleased with my career choice and progression.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you soon!


Why I choose the LSSM London School of Sports and Remedial Massage course!

In November 2013 I gained my level 3 Active IQ in Soft Tissue Therapy

I knew this was an area that I wanted to continue to further my knowledge and build a worthwhile career. After many hours of studying and contemplating my next move, I sought advice from a dear friend Jess who was already working professionally in a massage and clinical environment at Lushington Chiropractic. She advised me to gain some hands-on experience within a clinical practice. So here is where the story unfolds.

I had been advised by Jess to write to James Revell at Lushington Chiropractic clinic in Eastbourne, asking him if I could do some voluntary shadow shifts with Jess as my mentor. He agreed of which I was delighted, I spent a few hours a week shadowing Jess with her clients, learning from her and developing new skills to add to my own ways of working.

After many months of shadowing Jess, she advised me to enrol with the London School of Sports and Remedial Massage

Jess had completed the course herself and couldn’t speak highly enough of this course. I then did my research and went online and had a little look at what the course involves. I liked what I had seen and thought the course structure was brilliant and liked the fact that it was a year of studying. Also, I realised soon after it was seen as one of the most recognisable qualifications to have in the clinical environment. So for me it was a winner and I booked on without hesitation.

The LSSM is a year’s course gaining a level 5 diploma in Sports and Remedial massage.

At the time it was based in two locations, one being London-Regents College and also in Southampton. I selected to study at Regents College in London. The course structure is spread out over the year, one weekend a month, in this time having lectures and practical hands on tuition. This course is not for the faint hearted- it takes over your life!

The LSSM course is made up of three practical exams, four paper based assignments, and 100 logged hours of practical massage throughout the year, there was also a theory paper and practical exam at the end of the course. The tutors are highly qualified and experienced professionals with a wide range of knowledge, some have their own practices as well. It was a pleasure to learn from them, each weekend I would learn something new to apply to my work that I found so beneficial.

LSSM trained massage therapist Kirsty Ellis

LSSM trained massage therapist Kirsty Ellis

I would definitely recommend anyone starting out a career in massage to seriously get booked onto The London School of Sports and Remedial Massage Course. I learnt a lot, made some lifelong friends and most importantly gained confidence in my own level of ability. This is an incredibly rewarding job and I love it. Thank you to the LSSM team and also the people that have helped me along my amazing journey to get where I am today.

If you would like to know more about my work, please visit Lushington Chiropractic clinic.

Many thanks

Kirsty Ellis LSSM Dip, MISRM

Journey into Remedial Massage

How I became a remedial massage therapist in Eastbourne

A career in IT Management doesn’t really seem to be an obvious route to becoming a Sports Massage Therapist but sometimes a change is a great way of improving your life.

I loved working in IT. It constantly presented me with change and challenges, which kept me on my toes. But eventually I realised that it was taking a toll on me both in strange working hours and the stress of having sometimes hundreds of people waiting for me to fix a problem.  Having left a job I loved in London, because the stress and time involved in commuting was unsustainable, I moved into IT locally in the NHS. The reduction in commuting time (4 hours per day had become 40 minutes) left me with some valuable free time, which I wanted to put to good use.

I started helping out at a local running club in an “admin” role.

Being around a running club soon led to pleas to help out in league meetings as they were short of women competitors. So I soon started throwing javelins, shot puts and hammers and then into some relay running. Having done little sport since leaving school this took a bit of a toll on the body! I was recommended to see a sports massage therapist who had recently graduated from the London School of Sports Massage (L.S.S.M).  The first treatment really helped my sore shoulders and back and I booked in for regular “maintenance” treatments.

I got hooked!

When my running club took up triathlon (Swim/Bike/Run) around this time, I thought why not? (Not being able to swim anything other than slow breaststroke was perhaps one reason!) Soon, I had learned to swim front crawl and also to ride a racing bike and to run further and with continuing massage treatments entered my first race.

Some friends wanted to qualify to race in New Zealand in 2003 and I was persuaded to give it a go as well. I went to New Zealand as part of the GB Team  and then onto many other races around the world in wonderful places such as Hawaii, Vancouver etc. as part of the wonderful GB Age Group family.

Having taken some UK Athletics and British Triathlon coaching qualifications

I was constantly being asked about ways of combating and fixing injuries and so looked into doing a sports massage course myself. I did a weekend taster course at the L.S.S.M and was instantly hooked by the benefits massage can bring.  I enrolled on the Level 5 Diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy course (now Soft Tissue Therapist Dip).  Having qualified I took the offer of redundancy during one of the many NHS reorganisations and went into Remedial and Sports Massage as my “day” job.

Six  years on, over three of these practising remedial massage therapy at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne,

I am still in awe of the help and changes I can bring about using various massage, stretching and related techniques both to sports people and to others whose jobs and day to day living causes them stress, pain and injury. Rehabilitation from injury is also part of the work and is very rewarding as it’s always a pleasure to see people return to an activity that they have had to give up.

Continuing Professional Development Courses (C.P.D) in areas such as myofascial release and medical acupuncture (dry needling), kinesio taping have added to my skills and so to my ability to help people. Remedial/ Sports Massage is a truly rewarding thing to do and I also meet a wide range of interesting people

Remedial Massage Therapist Sue Hudson outside of Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne

Remedial Massage Therapist Sue Hudson



Massage therapy in Eastbourne: Lushington Chiropractic case study, Norman

Case study: massage therapy in Eastbourne

Norman is a regular visitor to Lushington chiropractic in order to help him remain active. As an osteoarthritis sufferer who was experiencing difficulty walking due to a swollen knee, he was referred to Andy Swan, one of Lushington’s massage therapists in Eastbourne to help improve Norman’s knee health so that he could move and walk comfortably once more.

After an initial assessment of the lower body it was found that the calves, hamstrings, glutes and Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFA – a muscle located in the thigh) were all very tight. This was making it difficult and tiresome for Norman to walk.

With a series of therapeutic massage treatments beginning with once a week, various massage techniques were used to help ease the stiffness in these muscles and then to help maintain his mobility. Unfortunately, due to the nature of osteoarthritis the knee will remain a problem. But with regular maintenance massage it is now possible to retain his mobility and ease of movement instead of a continual deterioration.


Typical massage therapy in Eastbourne

A typical therapeutic massage session would involve some warming/loosening strokes with some effleurage – a form of massage involving a repeated circular stroking movement made with the palm of the hand.

Depending on the tissue pliability, Andy may use some N.M.T (Neuromuscular technique) which consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle spasm. The massage therapy pressure is usually applied with the fingers, knuckles, or elbow, or STR (soft tissue release). This involves the Andy using manual pressure on a muscle to create a temporary false attachment point and then taking the muscle into a pain-free stretch to untangle the muscle fibres to help ease stiffened tissue.

Andy says:

“We genuinely care about our patients and improving their quality of life. We have an extremely professional and dedicated team who deliver the highest service and have over 80 years expertise between them.  We have both female and male sports massage therapists.”

Looking for massage therapy in Eastbourne? Why not get in touch with the team on 01323 722499.


Therapeutic Massage at Lushington Chiropractic – Case Study Danny

Therapeutic massage Case Study – Danny

Danny is a young man of 16 who sought help for a shoulder injury at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne. With the help of masseuse Andy Swan he was able to recover from shoulder surgery and get his body back to full health. Here’s an outline of his therapeutic massage treatment.

On Danny’s first visit, Andy took a medical history and found out that Danny had recently had shoulder surgery and was struggling with range of motion and strength in his right shoulder. There were also stabilisation issues with his shoulder. During the initial assessment, Andy established that Danny was a very active teenager playing handball, football, and cricket among other sports. Unfortunately since surgery he had not been able to participate as much.

Initially his external and internal rotation were lacking with some muscular atrophy. Muscle atrophy is when muscles waste away, often due to a lack of physical activity. This can happen when a disease or injury makes it difficult or impossible for you to move an arm or leg due to inactivity.

During the first therapeutic massage treatment Andy identified restrictions through the rotator cuff muscles and he used a combination of soft tissue release and massage to restore function and mobility in the shoulder girdle. Soft tissue release involves the therapist using manual pressure on a muscle to create a temporary false attachment point and then taking the muscle into a pain-free stretch to untangle the muscle fibres. This therapy helped Danny to make a 40% improvement in the internal/external rotation and also a feeling of loosening through the shoulder complex.

Danny’s treatment continued through eight sessions and by the last session he had nearly achieved a complete recovery. He is now active in various sports and very happy at being able to fully participate again.

If you have any questions about therapeutic massage therapy why not give us a call at Lushington chiropractic


Why choose Lushington Chiropractic for therapeutic massage

Award Winning Chiropractic Treatment.  Local, Affordable and Effective.  Friendly, Professional Team. With 10 years of proven service to over 8,000 local people.

Call today on  01323 722499


Massage at Lushington Chiropractic – Case study Theresa

Therapeutic massage case study

Therapeutic massages are different from the kind you may have experienced as part of a pamper package at a spa or beauty clinic. They are designed to treat a number of musculoskeletal issues, alleviating pain, increasing mobility and generally improving an individual’s quality of life. Here’s a case study relating to Theresa, a patient of Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne, which explains how therapeutic massage works in practice.

Theresa visited Lushington chiropractic for treatment on a trapped nerve in her neck and shoulder. During her initial appointment with masseuse Andy Swan she explained how she was experiencing pain on the left side of her body, accompanied by tingling and numbness down the left arm into the hand.

First treatment: The main outcome was to relieve or ease the tingling and numbness down the arm, this was achieved using a combination of deep tissue massage and gentler effleurage massage strokes (a form of massage involving a repeated circular stroking movement made with the palm of the hand) to the trapezius muscle (the large triangular muscle extending over the back of the neck and shoulders and moving the head and shoulder blade). Andy also treated the rhomboid levator scapula and scalenes (a group of muscles in the neck) by stretching and kneading the muscles to ease the tension and stiffness that was resulting in the tingling sensation.

In this case, the initial treatment helped to significantly reduce the tingling and numbness, reducing the discomfort. Subsequent appointments were then focused on reducing the stiffness further and returning full mobility to the trouble areas. This was aided by work with Theresa on improving head carriage and posture.


About Eastbourne Chiropractic

Lushington Chiropractic is a multi-award winning chiropractic and sports massage clinic in Eastbourne town centre. We provide a range of treatments from expert chiropractic care to nutritional therapy, counselling, acupuncture, podiatry, sports massage and relaxing massage.

We genuinely care about our patients and improving their quality of life. We have an extremely professional and dedicated team who deliver the highest service and have over 80 years expertise between them.

Therapeutic massage at Lushington Chiropractic – Janet Barber case study

Massage case study – A therapeutic massage at Lushington Chiropractic

Massages are incredibly popular as part of pamper packages to help people relax and unwind. However, massages can also play an important role in treating those suffering from pain and discomfort. Therapeutic massages are slightly different from those you might encounter at a spa or beauty clinic but the results can be profound. Here’s a case study relating to Janet Barber, who visited Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne to seek treatment for an ongoing elbow problem.


Janet Barber massage guest outside Lushington chiropractic before her massage with Andy Swan

Janet Barber massage guest outside Lushington Chiropractic before her massage with Andy Swan

Janet Barber was suffering from localised pain through the brachioradialis (forearm muscles) and the extensor Carpi radialis longus muscles, which control muscle movement at the wrist. She visited Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne for a consultation with Andy Swan, one of the clinic’s masseuses. On her initial visit, Andy took a history from Janet about her elbow pain in her right arm, she was unable to lift objects or reach without pain or discomfort.

She had a very limited range of motion with the arm, and so Andy used a combination of massage techniques such as soft tissue release. Soft tissue release or STR involves the therapist using manual pressure on a muscle to create a temporary false attachment point before taking the muscle into a pain-free stretch to untangle the muscle fibres. STR is used to increase range of movement, relieve pain, prevent, repair and manage injuries.

Andy also used Neuromuscular technique (N.M.T), which consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle spasm. The massage therapy pressure is usually applied with the fingers, knuckles, or elbow and some cross friction on the forearm muscles. The purpose of cross friction massage is to maintain the mobility within the soft tissue structures of ligament, tendon, and muscle, preventing adherent scars from forming.

Janet visited Andy for regular treatment over a period of 4 weeks. By the end of the course of treatment, Janet had regained full use and function of the arm with no re-occurrence of the pain that had been hampering her daily activity.

A bit about Lushington Chiropractic:

The highly qualified and genuinely caring team at Lushington in Eastbourne have over 80 years’ of experience between them. They are an extremely professional and dedicated team who deliver the highest level of service with patients who appreciate the genuine, friendly atmosphere.

Why I love working at Lushington Chiropractic

Why I love working at Lushington Chiropractic

I love working at Lushington Chiropractic

I know many people may be surprised by that statement. There are so many people I come across who do not enjoy their jobs, but for me it really is the case!

I find it very interesting to see people come in to the chiropractic clinic in great discomfort and feeling uneasy as they don’t really know what to expect. As a clinic assistant I try to be friendly and welcoming and answer any questions that they may have, the most common one being …”Where is the toilet?”

Once they have seen the chiropractor the guest is often visibly relieved, they know that the chiropractor has given them an extremely thorough examination and knows exactly what is wrong with them and more importantly that something can be done about their problem or issue.

Often after only a very few visits the guest will comment about how much better they feel. Sometimes these people have experienced pain for a long period of time and had resigned themselves to ‘putting up with’ their issue. For many, the only solution they had found was to take pain killers – which, of course, only masks the symptoms and doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

The chiropractors are constantly learning and all attend courses that further their knowledge and allow them to develop their own specialities. For instance, Caroline Mulliner (Doctor of Chiropractic) loves working with children and Victoria White (Doctor of chiropractic) enjoys using dry needling (acupuncture). It triggers the body to produce pain-relieving substances such as endorphins and serotonin in the pain pathways of both the spinal cord and the brain. This modifies the way pain signals are received and improves circulation to the area and decreases muscle tightness, which can have the effect of increasing joint flexibility.

Mykel Mason (Doctor of chiropractic) has attended several courses which has enabled him to help people a lot with exercises to improve their posture which in turn helps to alleviate their symptoms and James Revell (Doctor of chiropractic) has attended many courses one of which recently was all about using Rocktape, which can have a dramatic effect on swollen and bruised skin.

Use of Rocktape at Lushington Chiropractic

Lushington Chiropractic has received multiple chiropractic and customer service awards. We won Business of the Year in 2014 and we are the only business in Eastbourne to gain a PPQM award from the Royal College of Chiropractors. This recognises excellence in meeting patient expectations, treating patients with respect and providing outstanding levels of service and care.

This is because we try to maintain very high standards with the work of all the professionals and the clinic assistants. The clinic is always clean and tidy and interesting for people when they come to visit. We aim to make every visit as beneficial for our guests as possible, so there are always lots of chiropractic and health-related materials on the walls and notice board for people to read. We also like to fill the clinic with fun things that will bring a smile to people’s faces, like photographs from the latest charity challenge that someone has taken part in!

A new innovation brought in within the team at Lushington is ‘Team member of the month’. Once a month at our regular team meetings we vote for a member that has done something that has touched us, or cheered us up or just made us smile. The person with the most votes is made team member of the month and their picture goes on the wall for all guests to see with a miniature, and I do mean miniature trophy!!

Team member of the month trophy


Charity work is something that is very important at Lushington Chiropractic. The clinic has taken part in many charity events:

In 2014 James Revell (Doctor of Chiropractic), Sue Hudson (Massage therapist), our podiatrist, admin staff and some chiropractic guests completed the Paris to Eastbourne Pier bike ride in 24 hours which raised money for St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

The Lushington Chiropractic Paris to Eastbourne Pier 24 hour cycle team


Later on in the year, James Revell (Doctor of Chiropractic) and some friends of the clinic independently completed a London to Lushington bike ride, 90 miles in 12 hours from Buckingham Palace to Eastbourne raising more money for St Wilfrid’s

In November, several of the male team members grew moustaches for ‘Movember’, which raises funds for Men’s health (testicular cancer, prostate cancer and poor mental health and physical inactivity). It is a sad fact that on average, across the world, men die 6 years earlier than women.

Mykel Mason and James Revell Doctors of Chiropractic with their Movember moustaches at Lushington Chiropractic

Throughout the year during the Eastbourne schools’ half-term holidays Lushington Chiropractic offers Free Health Posture Checks for school age children, waiving the fee in exchange for a donation to Barnardo’s Children’s Charity.

Lushington Chiropractic entered a team into the Gauntlet Games on Saturday 8th August 2015 in aid of Barnardo’s.

James Revell, Mykel Mason and Claire, one of our fabulous clinic assistants, were joined by three other brave (possibly foolish) team members to slip, slide and crawl their way through a series of obstacles manned by gladiators doing their best to throw them off course! James and Mykel completed the 10k course and the ladies completed the 5k

They were extremely muddy and tired at the end but had had a fantastic time and helped to raise money for Barnardo’s at the same time!

The triumphant Lushington Chiropractic team

Lushington Chiropractic is also registered with ‘Hands for Heroes’

What is ‘Hands for Heroes’ about? It’s about honouring our courageous Servicemen and women, both serving and retired, by providing valuable, practical, hands-on care to relieve physical, emotional and chemical stress and trauma.

We provide a series of sessions of chiropractic care that is free to Gulf, Iraq or Afghanistan veterans

Hopefully it is becoming clear that we at Lushington Chiropractic are serious about chiropractic care but do not take ourselves too seriously!!

One thing that we do every month to enable us to keep in touch with each other and keep up to date with what is going on in each other’s lives is ‘Lush News’, where we write a short piece about what has been going on for us accompanied by photos which can be very interesting!!!

My husband likes to grow vegetables and flowers and sometimes the amount that he produces at the height of the growing season can be a bit overwhelming!! So it is a good thing that everyone at Lushington is very keen to try to eat a healthy balanced diet from our supplies. Needless to say, this often leads to some weird and wonderful concoctions appearing in the form of juicing experiments. In fact, the latest innovation has been various kinds of vegetable spaghetti made using a spiralizer. I always know that the excess veggies will be gratefully received at the clinic and never seem to hang around for very long and the flowers help to brighten up the reception area…..Keep up the good work Phil!!

You may be wondering what chiropractors do?

Chiropractors have expert training to diagnose and treat muscle, joint and trapped nerve type problems throughout the body. The focus is always on getting to the root of a problem and helping the body work better.

Chiropractors are specialists. They are also licensed to take and read x-rays.

Our aim is to help the body work at its best, as healthy as possible.

Health is a state of optimal physical, mental and social wellbeing. Not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

The way we think about health makes a difference to the way we live. It helps us make important choices about how we look after our body.

Good health depends on your body’s ability to cope with the stresses and strains of life. Good health is when each and every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body are working at their best.

Chiropractors believe health comes from within. When our body is working properly, it knows what to do, when and how to do it and when to stop doing it.

Chiropractic is so much more than just backs……….Most often, people go to chiropractors the first time for relief from back pain. But chiropractors treat a broad range of complaints, from back and neck pain to headaches, arthritis and more. Moreover, people don’t need to have a specific complaint to benefit from a visit. Chiropractors also focus on on-going preventive and wellness care. Chiropractic care is effective for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Here at Lushington Chiropractic we are also able to offer many therapies that work well alongside chiropractic.


Theraputic Massage

We have 3 massage therapists who offer therapeutic massage: Sue Hudson Bsc(Hons), LSSM(Dip0, MISRM, Andy Swan LSSM(Dip), MISRM, MNHMA and Kirsty Ellis

What is therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage means massage used to treat a condition. It can involve gentle and/or deep tissue massage techniques, depending on what you need or want. Therapeutic massage helps to relieve pain or injury problems and feels great. Although a course of treatment is often needed, most people feel the benefits immediately. As well as massage, you might also be given advice on stretches and/or exercise to help your muscles heal properly.

At Lushington we only work with massage therapists with the highest of standards and training. We’re blessed with a fabulous team of therapists, each of whom have years of experience as well as a background in sports or health too.

Our massage therapists are highly professional and love what they do. As well as their original qualifications they’re constantly doing continuing professional development courses and studies.

Remember the firmness of the massage is entirely up to you. Just let them know when you see them if you’d prefer light, relaxing massage or deeper, firmer sports massage.

Massage therapist at work


You can also enjoy Traditional Chinese Acupuncture at Lushington, which is practised by Robert Bowley.

Robert practices Chinese “syndrome acupuncture” (mainstream acupuncture as practised in China).

This type of acupuncture is an aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practised for thousands of years. It is now one of the most widely recognised complementary therapies.

Robert Bowley Acupuncturist


Lushington is proud to have local leading podiatrist Marie Upton BSc (Hons), Podiatry MChs, Member of HCPC as part of the team. Marie has a passion for podiatry and foot care. She has thirty years of experience and continues to develop her knowledge and clinical skills with regular continuing professional development, courses and seminars.

Apart from the common issues like corns and callus or nail disorders, a number of disorders such as diabetes can affect your feet and there might also be a case of functional and or structural disorders that Marie can help with.



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Steve Clifford R.M.N, R.N.LD, Dip.C, Pg, C.C.P, Pg.D (CBT), A.C.T.P has worked in the field of psychological health for over thirty years. He believes that certain qualities are essential to successful therapy – trust, discretion, motivation, confidentiality and respect. With therapy tailored to your needs, he will ensure you to find a way to get your life back on track.


Steve Clifford, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist



Nutritional therapy practitioners like Michaela Jezzard use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. This approach allows them to work with individuals to address nutritional balance and help support the body towards maintaining health. Nutritional therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support to enhance their health and wellbeing.


Michaela Jezzard, Registered Nutritional Therapist


I hope that you can see from all of the above that there is a great deal of variety at Lushington Chiropractic which means we are able to help people in a completely holistic way

This is why it is such a unique experience to work here!!