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An interview with Dr Gemma Crouch: Part 2

Continuing on from last time, here is part 2 of our interview series with Dr Gemma Crouch. In this part of the interview, we will learn more about which patient group she specialises in and why, as well as learn about what she likes to do in her spare time.

Image shows Eastbourne Chiropractors Dr Gemma Crouch and Dr Josh French seated in the X-Ray Suite at Lushington Chiropractic

Dr Josh sat down with Dr Gemma Crouch recently to ask some questions and find out more about her and why she chose to be a chiropractor.

Hi Gemma. Thanks for giving us more time and allowing us to interview again! Following on from last time, is there a particular patient group you specialise in working with?

As well as treating patients of all ages and stages of life, I love to treat pregnant ladies, babies and young children. This is a special passion of mine by the extra reading and studying I have done. It is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding to help mothers provide the best care for their children right from the start. Not every chiropractor goes through the extra training I have done but I felt it was necessary to provide the best paediatric chiropractic care possible.

What made you want to specialise in pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic care?

I guess it started when I was a child when I went to see a chiropractor. My brother and I are twins and we were very young when we went to see the chiropractor because we were both suffering from problems which developed from when we were babies. As chiropractic care helped me then, I wanted to be able to help families with similar problems.

Before moving to Eastbourne, whilst I was at chiropractic college, I chose to study the extra courses in pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic. I was very lucky to be tutored by one of the leading professors in paediatric chiropractic in the world and have been able to learn from them and gain the experience for treating babies first hand.

In addition, since moving to Eastbourne as a chiropractor, I have attended post-graduation courses in pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic care. It’s so rewarding to see the differences that chiropractic can have in these populations of people and this is why I love treating pregnant ladies and young babies.

You can find out more about how Gemma can help with pregnancy and paediatrics from her blogs.

What’s it like to work alongside other therapists such as sports massage therapists, chiropodists and acupuncturists to name a few?

As I said before, it’s really inspiring to work alongside other practitioners because they are experts at what they do and you are constantly learning and experiencing different views from different practitioners, and this allows the patients of Lushington Chiropractic to get the highest quality of care possible.

When you’re not in the chiropractic clinic, what do you enjoy doing?

I have recently joined Eastbourne Hockey Club which I hope to continue throughout the season and represent them in their games and also to meet different people in the community. As well as playing hockey I also go to a local gym and I love running along the South Downs and Eastbourne’s sea front.

My love of animals has inspired me to start to volunteer at a local animal rescue centre so I can give back to the community. I have recently adopted a kitten called Ruby, so she is taking up a lot of my free time at the moment.

Finally, what career aspirations do you have?

I chose a very rewarding career in chiropractic, so I would like to stay in the chiropractic profession. I live in Eastbourne now and have set up a family home here, but the long term future is unknown. However, I intend to stay at Lushington Chiropractic clinic to continue helping all of the lovely patients I have met so far. As I progress in my career I would love to expand upon my paediatric chiropractic skills and therefore provide the people of Eastbourne with truly world class care.

Thanks a lot Gemma!!

That concludes my interview with Dr Gemma Crouch, I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about her. If you missed part 1 click here.

Thanks for reading,

Josh French


An interview with Eastbourne Chiropractor Dr Gemma Crouch: Part 1

You may have noticed recently that there are some new faces at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne. One of our new faces is the lovely Dr Gemma Crouch, a fantastic Chiropractor who specialises in pregnancy and paediatrics. One of the obvious things about Gemma is how passionate she is about chiropractic, so we thought it would be an excellent idea to sit down and have a chat about all things chiropractic and learn more about her!

Hi Gemma, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. How are you settling into life at Lushington Chiropractic?

I love working at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne. It’s so nice to work alongside a team of friendly, warm and caring individuals, as well as being able to work alongside other practitioners who are from a multi-disciplinary background. I find that my patients from Eastbourne benefit greatly from seeing massage therapists, acupuncturists and other practitioners within the team.

Image shows Eastbourne Chiropractors Dr Gemma Crouch and Dr Josh French seated in the X-Ray Suite at Lushington Chiropractic

Dr Josh sat down with Dr Gemma Crouch recently to ask some questions and find out more about her and why she chose to be a chiropractor.

So why did you choose to move to Eastbourne?

Whilst I was practicing chiropractic I had a fantastic opportunity to come and visit Lushington Chiropractic clinic here in Eastbourne and observe many of the practitioners who work here. As soon as I came to Eastbourne and saw the clinic I knew that it was the right clinic for me to work in. Being so close to the sea really resonates with me and I am looking forward to exploring more of Hailsham, Hastings and the surrounding area.

So how did you first get into chiropractic?

When I was younger, my mother always used to take me to see a chiropractor with my brother. I was always fascinated by the gentle chiropractic care as I was really interested in the human body and its function. When I was at university in Bath, I was training for my first half marathon and started to get quite severe low back and leg pain and was struggling to do any sports or training. As a sports person this was quite frustrating for me, as I was quite fit at the time. I saw many different people about my problems but never seemed to get many results and was even told that my problem could not be sorted. My Mum told me to go back to my chiropractor I had seen as a child to see if she could help me. I am so glad I listened to my Mum because within a couple of visits time the chiropractic care I was receiving had resolved my symptoms. From this point onwards I decided to pursue a career in chiropractic as my goal was to help other people like chiropractic helped me.

What inspired you the most about the first chiropractor you saw?

The first chiropractor I saw was very warm, gentle and caring about me as a person, especially as I was a young child when I first went to see her. She always listened to me and my family and always gave us the best healthy and chiropractic advice. I saw her for many, many years especially as a teenager when I was at university and it was actually her and the chiropractic treatment, which inspired me to become a chiropractor myself. I guess the inspiration came when nobody else was able to help me with my problem and she was able to tell me exactly what was going on and the root cause of that problem.

What do you enjoy most about being an Eastbourne Chiropractor?

Since I moved to Eastbourne and worked at Lushington Chiropractic I have been able to experience how friendly Eastbourne is as a town and been able to experience the community feel, which I am sure the local residents would agree with me. Eastbourne is a great place because it has a lovely seaside and is very close to the Downs, so you’ve got beautiful scenery, as well as lovely people. Overall, being an Eastbourne chiropractor has been very satisfying so far and I am looking forward to knowing Eastbourne even better over the coming months and years.

That’s all we have time for in part 1, but come back for part 2 where we will discuss more about Gemma’s specialisation – pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic.

Josh French