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Sport Vs Cupid

Sport for Valentine’s Day! Cupid Says Possibly!

Cupid needs more support this Valentine’s Day because research shows that a third of men would sideline love in favour of sport – Football! This chiropractor recommends Touch Rugby in Eastbourne instead. It’s a mixed sport so you can share some fun and competitive fitness with your loved one.

Man watching sport beside uninterested girl

Sport Vs Cupid

A survey in Men’s Health magazine showed that nearly a third of men would rather be playing sport than getting frisky in bed!

Perhaps Cupid can hope for more sport injuries to keep men at home. Only 6% of the men in the survey had been injured through sex, compared to 99% who had been injury through sport!

The most dangerous sport in Britain is….  Football! Research shows that bad challenges and tackles cause a third of sports injuries.

Football is often seen as a relatively low-risk sport, but in reality Sunday league games are just the opposite. Over half of the men involved in the survey had been injured on the pitch, and most were suffering with ongoing niggles due to an old injury.

Chiropractors are always big on injury prevention, so here’s two tips to avoid getting injured in the first place:

  • Don’t be a Weekend Warrior: Weekend warriors are typified by working all week then hitting the pitch or paying extreme sports at the weekend. They like to play hard and live hard. However, I’d recommend adding some exercise into your weekly routine too. Don’t save up all that energy for the weekend – your body likes predictable routine, not crazy burst and then long periods of rest.

By all means work-hard and play-hard but set up a sustainable routine that allows your body to recover for 36 hours after a heavy exercise session but doesn’t result in more than three rest days in a row.

  • Even Warriors need to Warm Up: Warm up properly before you play and include a range of general cardiovascular exercises in your training regime to build up slowly. If the only exercise you get is playing in a match then you will push yourself too fast too quickly, increasing the risk of injury.

I recommend using the R.I.C.E. formula to deal with minor injuries.

Rest and support the injured joint.

Ice packs (wrap ice in a cloth, apply for 10 minutes maximum, then leave off for 20 minutes before re-applying – stop if it is painful).

Compression and elevation of the injured joint.

Get fit with Touch Rugby

Hannah playing sport, touch rugby and about to score

Sport, touch rugby Hannah about to score

This chiropractor is an old rugby prop and recommends Touch Rugby to keep you fit and healthy.

I love to play Touch Rugby on the weekends. We play every Sunday in Gildrege Park, here in Eastbourne. Check us out on facebook and Eastbourne Touch Rugby . Touch Rugby is a mixed sport so no one needs to be left at home on their own.

 Valentine’s Touch Rugby

So, this Valentine’s Sunday bring your partner to play Touch Rugby at Gildrege Park, Eastbourne. When you get home you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath together afterwards and if you’ve got any energy left practise a little sports massage with each other.

This blog has been brought to you by James Revell Doctor of Chiropractic, MSc (Chiropractic Sciences), BSc (Chiropractic Science), BSc (Biological Sciences), LRCC.

If you would like any further information regarding how to stay healthy, please give us a call at the clinic on 01323 722499.

Eastbourne Chiropractor: Get to know your Chiropractor James Revell

Lushington Chiropractic Meet the Team Questionnaire:

Find out more about your Eastbourne Chiropractor: James Revell DC,LRCC,MSc(Chiro),BSc(Chiro),BSc(Biol) 

Doctor of Chiropractic

James Revell

Doctor of Chiropractic (not medical doctor) James Revell DC,LRCC,MSc(Chiro),BSc(Chiro),BSc(Biol) Eastbourne Chiropractor


What would your perfect Sunday consist of:

Great question – there’s so much I’d love to do on Sundays!

Ok, so to start with if it’s my perfect Sunday then Summer is just starting to take over from Spring and it’s sunny all day.

We’d go to the park with the dog and let our little boy run off some energy. We live in Eastbourne so there’s lots of parks to chose from.

We love being outside so we’d head out of town for a bit for a walk and then to a Sussex country pub for Sunday lunch.

After lunch we’d meet friends in Gildredge Park, Eastbourne to play Touch Rugby. It’s great fun and because it’s only “touch rugby” my wife plays too. (New players very welcome, we play in Gildredge Park at 2.30pm every Sunday https://www.facebook.com/groups/186754744695920/).

If it’s my “perfect Sunday” then I would play amazingly and we’d win!

Afterwards we’d walk to dog home and relax as a family playing games to amuse our son.

Finally I’d relax watching Top Gear and my wife would complain about their fake races and childish behaviour.

Eastbourne Touch Rugby Team after yet another amazing performance in the annual Dulwich tournement - can you spot the Blue-Haired Eastbourne Chiropractor in the middle

Eastbourne Touch Rugby Team after yet another amazing performance in the annual Dulwich tournament –  – – – – – -Can you spot the Blue-Haired Eastbourne Chiropractor in the middle

Favourite Meal:

Hmm one of our fab country pubs in Wilmington, Alfriston, Arlington – we like it when there’s a nice fire on.

Favourite TV show:

Homelands OR The Walking Dead (it’s an award wining zombie series)


My wife

Favourite Sport:

Walking & Cycling

I enjoy playing sports with friends and will usually have a go at what ever race/challenge is set!

I enjoy keeping active but I am not great at following any sport on TV.

Laughs at:

“You’ve been framed” and various American sit-coms. I also love some of the classic British sit-comes like Allo’ Allo’ and Fawlty Towers

First pet:

A dog and two cats that used to curl up in warm sunny spots at home

Motivated to:

I love being busy and active.

How many places have you travelled to:

I was at University for seven years for my Degrees and Masters. Although I enjoyed studying, I also made sure I used the long holidays to travel as well as work. I tried to get out of the UK once a year. It was easier because my sister lives in America and I’ve got some friends around Europe so I always had somewhere to stay when I arrived.

I also made the effort to go to International Chiropractic conferences around the world. Conference tickets were cheaper as a student. So, as long as I saved up for travel it was an amazing opportunity to hear world renowned Chiropractic speakers. I visited chiropractic colleges in Australia, America, Canada and even sunny Wales.

First record/CD:

“Hey Mona” by Craig McLachlan (Henry from neighbours)

If you were an animal what would you be and why:

I have been likened to a Golden Retriever, full of fun and energy (and like a Golden Retriever this Eastbourne Chiropractor is getting a little heavier with age).

What was your favourite toy as a child:

Playing cars – or the few Star Wars toys I had – or Lego!

Or was it wall-ball with my friend whilst we waited half an hour for his Spectrum ZX to load?

Can you play any instruments?:

Anything I have played I’ve played badly (like my singing).

Any unusual hobbies:

I grew up near Eastbourne and have always loved being outside in the Sussex Downs and on the Seafront.