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James Revell team image

Eastbourne Chiropractor

James Revell



James Revell – Eastbourne Chiropractor

Clinic Director, Doctor of Chiropractic, Licentiate member of the Royal College of Chiropractors, MSc(Chiropractic Sciences), BSc HONS(Chiropractic Sciences), BSc HONS(Biological Sciences), Member of the British Chiropractic Association; United Chiropractic Association and European Chiropractors Union.

Hello, I’m a Chiropractor and the Clinic Director at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic, Eastbourne’s most popular chiropractic and sports massage clinic.

Chiropractic and Headaches

I grew up locally in Sussex and first went to a chiropractor when I was a teenager with headaches and back pain. The chiropractor I saw was kind and patient, but I was most impressed by the results of the chiropractic treatment. It worked – and quickly too. After years of backaches I felt better and my headaches resolved almost immediately with the chiropractic adjustments.

I was inspired by the chiropractor’s medical knowledge and the common sense to treatment. It made sense to me that if your muscles and joints are not working as well as they should, then the best way to treat them would be to actually do something, rather than painkillers or trying to ignore it – which is what I had been doing.

So, I finished my A-Levels, completed a Degree in Biology, and then began my chiropractic studies. I took a four-year Chiropractic Degree and Masters in Chiropractic Sciences at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic.

As a chiropractic student I embraced hard work. I observed dozens of chiropractors and osteopaths in their clinics, including some excellent chiropractors here in Eastbourne. I also took, and organised additional chiropractic courses and travelled to chiropractic conferences in the US, Canada and Europe. I used every opportunity to attended seminars with thousands of chiropractors and students, keeping up with the latest chiropractic treatment techniques and to hear from some of the most experienced chiropractors across the world.

I was inspired by the scope, effectiveness, scientific approach and range of chiropractic techniques being developed across the world. That inspiration still drives me to deliver the best possible care and highest standards at our chiropractic clinic here in Eastbourne.

After graduating I worked as an associate chiropractor in two chiropractic clinics along the Sussex coast. I finally settled as a chiropractor in Eastbourne, near where I grew up. I had fond memories of Eastbourne from childhood and loved coming back.

Opening a Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne

In 2004 I opened a clinic which I called “Eastbourne Family Chiropractic” at the Apollo Centre (now called the Horder Centre, near Princes Park Health Centre). I’ve always had an interest in pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic care, because it had helped me so much when I was young.

In 2005 my wife and I moved into Lushington Road and we opened Lushington Chiropractic Clinic with my sister, here in Eastbourne’s town centre. I’ve enjoyed living and working in Eastbourne, it’s a wonderful place to live and work. I hope my children enjoy it as much as I did when I was their age.

The clinic has gone from strength to strength. We’re Eastbourne’s largest and most popular chiropractic clinic with a fantastic team of practitioners and a range of awards and accolades. What’s most rewarding though are the results and the kind words of the people who come here.

We’ve helped thousands of people with chiropractic treatment, sports massage and acupuncture. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll be satisfied and happy with the thoroughness of your assessment and the care you receive, that we offer a money back guarantee.

Eastbourne’s most Popular Chiropractic and Massage Clinic

I’m as passionate about chiropractic and helping people as ever. Our Eastbourne based clinic has attracted an excellent team of chiropractors who are passionate about helping people. As well as chiropractic treatment, we also provide massage therapy, acupuncture, counselling and more. We’re Eastbourne’s most popular chiropractic and sports massage clinic, and carried out over 20,000 treatment last year alone.

Chiropractic treatment is booming in popularity. My experience as a chiropractor here in Eastbourne is that people want to take control of their health, and to do something about their aches and pains, rather than just numbing them with painkillers.

We work hard at our clinic, constantly striving to improve our results and the care we offer people. The most rewarding aspect has been the clinic’s reputation, the kind words and recommendations we’ve received from our patients.

All our chiropractors and clinic assistants strive to create the best possible welcome, and highest standards of care for everyone who wants to try chiropractic treatment in Eastbourne.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Eastbourne, or you’ve got any questions, then contact us either to book a consultation or for a free complimentary chat.

I would like to say a big thank you to the thousands of local people who regularly recommend Lushington Chiropractic to their friends and family across Eastbourne and Sussex.

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Victoria White team image

Eastbourne Chiropractor

Victoria White

DC, LRCC, MChiro, MA(Oxon)


Victoria White – Eastbourne Chiropractor

I grew up right on the coast in Torquay, a lovely small seaside town much like Eastbourne. It was there that I saw my first chiropractor to deal with the low back, neck pain and headaches that arose from my bad posture as a teenager! I found a huge benefit from the chiropractic treatment and it allowed me to manage the issues that I had, and improve my posture to help stop the episodes from recurring so frequently. I would still get neck issues occasionally when I was studying, and so when I did my A-levels and later my University degrees I would return to see my chiropractor for a check-up.

My first degree was Biological Sciences at Oxford, which I did because I loved the subject and found it extremely interesting, majoring in topics of disease and animal behaviour. After graduating I moved around a lot, living in London and then emigrating out to the heat of the Middle East for a few years to do financial work. While over in Dubai I worked in finance and did a lot of voluntary work with animals which was very rewarding. In fact, both my cat and my dog came from the Middle East (and I suspect they have yet to forgive me for bringing them back to the cold!).

Starting at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne

It was while I was living abroad that I decided I wanted to become a chiropractor myself. One move back to England and four more years of study later I graduated with Merit from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic. I moved to Eastbourne to join the wonderful team at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic and it’s been lovely to work beside the sea again. In my social life, I love dancing and the last couple of years have been learning kizomba and semba (both lovely Angolan dances). For these classes I travel to Brighton and often further afield in Europe to learn from the teachers at the best festivals.

In my clinical life, I am a member of the British Chiropractic Association and I’m registered with the General Chiropractic Council. I regularly undergo Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which is extra training designed to make sure that we keep up to date with current practices, research and new clinical techniques in the chiropractic field. In fact, last year I went on a course called Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) with Mykel Mason and have been using this technique with many of my patients since then, with great results. As a gentle and effective technique, it has been very popular with my patients. I have also done postgraduate studies in dry needling (or Western medical acupuncture) which is useful for pain management for conditions such as osteoarthritis. I also use this frequently to help treat patients who suffer neck pain and headaches as it is wonderful at releasing muscular tension.

As an Eastbourne Chiropractor I aim to use a variety of different techniques to suit my patients who are at all ages and stages of life. I work with my patients, not only to improve their health in the short term but also, with lifestyle advice, to help them maintain pain-free mobility and improve their quality of life. This may be keeping them able to do the things that they love, whether that be a round on the golf course or playing bowls! I love practicing here at Lushington as part of the award-winning team which allows me to be the best chiropractor that I can possibly be within a supportive and friendly environment.

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Mykel Mason team image

Eastbourne Chiropractor

Mykel Mason

DC, LRCC, MChiro


Mykel Mason – Eastbourne Chiropractor

Associate Chiropractor, Doctor of Chiropractic, Licentiate member of the Royal College of Chiropractors, MChiro (HONS) Masters in Chiropractic, Member of the United Chiropractic Association and European Chiropractors Union.

I’ve been an associate chiropractor at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic, in Eastbourne since 2014. It’s a great clinic and because I grew up here in Eastbourne, I was particularly delighted to get the chance to practice as a chiropractor back in my home town.

My First Chiropractic Treatment here in Eastbourne

My first experience of chiropractic treatment was as a child, here in Eastbourne. Chiropractic treatment really helped me then, which is why I appreciate the chance to help others in the same way when they come to see me now.

I first went to a chiropractor for low back pain, which hadn’t got better with the usual physiotherapy treatment. My mother didn’t know what to do, so asked friends for recommendations. She decided to take me to the chiropractor, because more people had recommended chiropractic adjustments than osteopathy treatment or acupuncture.

I didn’t know what to expect when I saw the chiropractor for my first treatment, but was really impressed with the treatment and results. It clearly worked. Not only did the pain go away but I appreciated that something was being done. Before I’d seen the chiropractor, I’d wanted to be a medical doctor. However, after I’d experienced the immediate benefits associated with chiropractic treatment I decided this was what I wanted to do.

So, I completed my A-Levels in chemistry, human biology and further maths, and then went on to the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic to begin my chiropractic studies at University. That’s where my passion for chiropractic developed. Because I’d only seen the chiropractor for back pain treatment I hadn’t realised that chiropractors can do much more than just that. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic (MChiro), with a much better appreciation of the wide scope of chiropractic and the many conditions we treat.

Part of my Chiropractic Master’s Degree included spending a year in a special chiropractic teaching clinic. I appreciated the opportunity to develop my clinical and practical chiropractic adjusting skills in a supported environment.

After graduating I worked as an Associate Chiropractor, at a chiropractic clinic in Essex. Whilst I was there developed a special interest in improving posture and helping people with headaches. I attended lots of chiropractic seminars and to further develop my chiropractic techniques and treatments.

Coming Home to Eastbourne

In 2014 I decided it was time for a change and enquired at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic, here in Eastbourne as this was exactly the kind of clinic that I wanted to work in. After observations and discussions, we decided that Lushington Chiropractic and I were a good fit as we have the same core values about patient focused care.

On returning to Eastbourne my girlfriend (now wife) and I realised that this was the kind of place that we wanted to be. With a lovely seafront and beautiful walks over the downs and surrounding countryside. We both feel at home here in Sussex.

Since being in Eastbourne I’ve continued to do seminars to progress my practice. We have a great team of chiropractors and other practitioners at our clinic. We work together to get the best possible results for our patients, and will share techniques and discuss the latest research or guidelines about chiropractic treatments.

In 2016 I undertook an additional chiropractic technique course in Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT). SOT is based on the same core principles as the chiropractic techniques I’d already learnt but it’s gentler and delivered in a slightly different way. SOT a very useful technique for those people who do not like the forceful chiropractic adjustments, or those who need slightly lighter techniques.

It’s been great to add the gentle SOT technique to my other chiropractic techniques. Don’t worry if you like the clicks associated with traditional chiropractic adjustments then so do I. The key thing is to be able to adapt the techniques and treatment to suit the individual person’s needs.

In 2016 I married my lovely girlfriend in Hellingly (just north of Hailsham). We also bought our house not far from the Eastbourne town centre, so I can walk to work which is lovely.

In my time at Lushington Chiropractic, here in Eastbourne, I’ve noticed that more people are starting to seek chiropractic treatment and advice first, when previously they wouldn’t have thought about chiropractic till later. This reflects how mainstream and medially accepted chiropractic treatment has become. More and more people are hearing about chiropractic treatment, trying it and telling others. I’m so glad people recommended it to my mother when I was young, not just because of the relief I got from treatment but the inspiration it gave me to become a chiropractor myself.

Chiropractic is safe and appropriate for all ages from children to people into their nineties. It is lovely serving the people of Eastbourne and East Sussex. I’d like to thank everyone who’s seen me so far. It’s helping you that’s the best thing about being a chiropractor.

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Gemma Crouch team image

Eastbourne Chiropractor

Gemma Crouch



Gemma Crouch  – Eastbourne Chiropractor

Associate Chiropractor, Doctor of Chiropractic, Licentiate member of the Royal College of Chiropractors, MChiro (HONS) Masters in Chiropractic, BSc (HONS) Sport and Exercise Science, Member of the British Chiropractic Association; United Chiropractic Association and European Chiropractors Union.

Hello I’m Gemma Crouch, a Doctor of Chiropractic and I love working with the team at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic, here in Eastbourne on Sussex’s sunny coast.

My Experience of Chiropractic Treatment as a Child and Teenager

I was very active and sporting child, and often visited a chiropractor with my mother. I enjoyed the chiropractic adjustments that I received and was intrigued by how it worked. However, at that age I didn’t think much more about chiropractic and progressed with my sports and school careers.

I went to University studying a Sports Degree, and began training for a half-marathon. I began to suffer from low back and leg pain with the increased training, which was frustrating, because although I was young and fit the back pain was really holding me back.

I tried various things to help relieve my low back and leg pain but nothing worked. Eventually I tried chiropractic treatment again and returned to the chiropractor I’d seen as a child.

The chiropractor was as caring and compassionate as ever – just like I’d remembered. Their chiropractic adjustments were gentle and most importantly effective. Within a short period of time my low back and leg pain had resolved complexly and I was pain-free.

I’d enjoyed the chiropractic treatment when I was a child, but as a student I was most impressed with the results! In fact, the effective and lasting relief I felt from my chiropractic treatment inspired me to become a chiropractor myself. I hoped I would help people as much as my chiropractor helped me.

Seven Years at University

Before starting my chiropractic education, I completed my first honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science. I graduated from the University of Bath where I achieved my University Sporting Colours. I then began the 4-year Masters in Chiropractic (MChiro) course at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic where my final year research project protocol was acknowledged by the Royal College of Chiropractors.

As a chiropractic student, I took the time to observe many highly skilled and excellent chiropractors in their clinics, including those here in Eastbourne at Lushington Chiropractic. I also attended many chiropractic seminars and conferences, where both chiropractors and students were given the opportunity to listen to the some of the most experienced and well-known chiropractors in the world. It was also an opportunity to understand and get up-to-date with the latest scientific research relating to chiropractic treatment.

Visiting Eastbourne and Lushington Chiropractic Clinic

I was particularly keen to visit Eastbourne to observe with the chiropractors at Lushington Chiropractic because of the clinic’s outstanding reputation in the chiropractic profession. I knew of the clinic’s considerable professional reputation, reflected by the many awards and accolades they’d achieved, as well as the testimonials and online patient reviews. However, until I visited I hadn’t realised that the clinic had such clear focus on ethical, caring and personally tailored treatment.

Although I’d been to many conferences and seminars it was always my trip to Eastbourne and Lushington Chiropractic which stood out. I really resonated with their ethical values and high standards of clinical chiropractic care. I’m also very keen on the research supporting chiropractic and the treatments we use, which was something I had in common with the Clinic Director.

I kept in touch with the team and Clinic Director at Lushington and a few months after my visit he talked to me about working with them as an associate chiropractor in Eastbourne.

Wellness, Pregnancy and Paediatric Chiropractic Treatment

That all seems a long time ago now. I’ve well and truly settled into Eastbourne. I love the countryside, seaside location and the community feel in the town. I continue to be very sporty and active and enjoy running along Eastbourne’s seafront. Most of all though I’ve been blessed with some wonderful patients.

I love helping people improve their function and enjoy a healthier lifestyle through chiropractic care. I have treated people of all ages and stages of life including pregnant mothers, babies of all ages, children and adults through to the very elderly.

I find working with babies, young children and pregnant mothers particularly rewarding. Pregnancy can be a difficult time for any mother, but chiropractic can offer a wonderfully gentle and effective form of treatment.

Many of the mothers I’ve seen since starting at Eastbourne are suffering with back aches and pelvic pain etc during pregnancy. Most are seeking treatment as a drug-free solution to their pain. I’ve always found pregnancy care rewarding and it’s lovely to help baby if needed after birth too.

Pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic work is different to the common techniques commonly associated with chiropractic treatment. If you have any questions about the very gentle and delicate paediatric chiropractic techniques I use, then please call and I’ll be happy to help. Some adults prefer these gentle techniques as well, and although I use a wide range of chiropractic techniques it’s great to be able to personally tailor someone’s treatment to suit their needs and preferences.

I’ve always had a particular interest in pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic care. I worked alongside mid-wives when I was a chiropractic student and took additional courses and technique seminars to develop my chiropractic skills right from the start. Chiropractic treatment had helped me when I was a child, and I wanted to give something back to future generations and mothers in need.

Whatever age you are, if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Eastbourne, or you’ve got any questions, then contact us either to book a consultation or for a free complimentary chat.

Remember, chiropractic care is for the whole family, whatever your age or stage of life.

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Louise Lamberti team image

Eastbourne Chiropractor

Louise Lamberti



Louise Lamberti – Eastbourne Chiropractor

Associate Chiropractor, Doctor of Chiropractic. MTech, BSc (HONS) Sport and Exercise Science

Hello, I’m Louise Lamberti, a Doctor of Chiropractic and I enjoy working with the team at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic, here in the fabulous town of Eastbourne.

My Medical Journey

I grew up in South Africa and started my medical journey in 2006 when I began studying a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology and Psychology. The study of the human body and its complexities and perfection stole my attention and I knew that this was my future…my calling if you like. It opened a world of possibilities for me and a passion to serve and heal.  I explored within my studies Homeopathy as these health sciences are closely related. However, I soon learned my strength and my passion was in chiropractic. I completed my Master of Technology in Chiropractic from the very well recognised and acclaimed Chiropractic Department of the University of Johannesburg. This was a major goal that I set for myself as a young student entering a medical field for the first time.

My professional experience includes working for the Lions rugby team in South Africa, the prestigious Cape Epic cycling event where I was lucky enough to treat several Tour de France athletes, treating babies in a local orphanage and several other sporting events. I also have a wealth of experience in day-to-day chiropractic care, but my passion lies in working with pregnant mothers and babies.

Expanding My Expertise

I moved to England in search of new challenges and to expand my expertise in chiropractic.  The opportunities for learning and developing my skills are far greater here in Sussex and the UK. It also helps that I love living here and I’ve never been happier. Especially since moving to beautiful Eastbourne. Cheesy as this sounds, it’s true: I decided I wanted to live in Eastbourne when I saw it in a movie in South Africa and fell in love with the sunny seaside town. And no, I’m not going to tell you the name of the movie!

I’m super-excited and love working at Lushington in Eastbourne. The opportunities for further developing my professional skills are unique and I’m looking forward to this experience to help me grow into the best chiropractor that I can be and to better help my chiropractic patients.

I worked at a veterinary clinic for 2 years as a veterinary nurse whilst I was a chiropractic student and I learned so much about animals and how to properly care for them. One day I would like to study animal chiropractic so that I can help my pets in the same way that I help my patients. Even though I’ve always thought of myself as a dog person, one day at the animal shelter the cutest kitty fluff ball crawled into my heart and has been there ever since. Even though I am a healthcare professional, she is very fat cat. But that just means there’s more of her for me to cuddle! Sadly, she doesn’t live in Eastbourne with me, she still lives in South Africa.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Eastbourne, or you’ve got any questions, then contact us either to book a consultation or for a free complimentary chat.

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Karen Philip team image

Eastbourne Chiropractor

Karen Philip



Karen Philip – Eastbourne Chiropractor

Associate chiropractor, Doctor of chiropractic, MChiro Masters in Chiropractic, BPrimEd Bachelor in primary education, PRT member of the Royal College of Chiropractors.

I am Karen, a McTimoney chiropractor working at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic In Eastbourne, working alongside other chiropractors, sports therapists and massage therapists.

Chiropractic Beginnings

My chiropractic journey started 15 years ago when I had my first chiropractic treatment. I had heard of chiropractors before as they were quite popular in South Africa and I believe my father used to visit one. I used to suffer with bad neck pain that had been caused by poor posture (too many years curled up reading and trying to pretend I was not so tall). Every few months or so my neck would seize up. I would get some strong anti-inflammatory tablets from the Doctor and then suffer for a few days whilst it settled down. A friend suggested that I see his chiropractor. I went and had a few sessions and my neck has never been quite so bad since. This piqued my interest in chiropractic! Since then I have had chiropractic treatment for my lower back when suffering with pain most likely caused from motherhood and carrying my daughter around on one hip all the time.

McTimoney Chiropractic College

When my daughter started school, I wanted another challenge in life. What new direction could I take? My chiropractor told me about a chiropractic degree that could be done in Abingdon Oxfordshire, The Mctimoney college of Chiropractic. This was particularly attractive to mature students. I decided to go have a look and before I knew it I was enrolled on the course to become a McTimoney chiropractor.

I started the course with much trepidation as I had not studied for many years. I loved it from the beginning. It was extremely hard work, but I really enjoyed learning so much about the body and I could actually appreciate study this time round. I qualified in 2012 with a Master’s degree in Chiropractic (MChiro) from McTimoney College of Chiropractic linked with The University of Wales.

Lushington Chiropractic Clinic Eastbourne

I first started to work as a chiropractor in Eastbourne when I covered one of the chiropractors at Lushington Chiropractic. From the very start I was impressed with the clinic and their set up. After a few months I discussed the option of practicing in Eastbourne permanently with James the Clinic Director at Lushington Chiropractic.

I’m delighted to be part of the team here at Lushington and love my morning drive over the Sussex Downs to Eastbourne. Apart from the parking it’s a lovely town, the people are great and it’s a pleasure to be part of a clinic with such an excellent reputation locally. I am really excited to be working at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne. With this great team of professionals.

I spent the previous 6 years working at a number of clinics in Sussex. I have been privileged enough to learn a lot from other experienced chiropractors and have been on some interesting chiropractic courses. I have developed a style that includes some gentle techniques, like McTimoney chiropractic, and some more firm techniques of the diversified style. I like to tailor my techniques to suit the individual person.

One of the courses I have taken that I really enjoy using in my practise, is acupuncture/dry needling. I do believe it is magic and it really seems to help give short term relief from pain. I also do electro acupuncture which is enjoyed by many of the people I treat.

One of the aspects I really enjoy about being a McTimoney chiropractor, is that I get to meet so many different people and hear about their lives. I treat all ages but really love some of my elderly patients as I find it fascinating to hear their stories.

If you are looking for a McTimoney chiropractor in Eastbourne who uses acupuncture, then contact us to book a consultation.

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Ryan Keats team image

Massage Therapist

Ryan Keats



Ryan Keats- Sports & Massage Therapy Eastbourne

Associate Sports Therapist & Massage Therapist; BSc(HONS) Sports Therapy; Member of the Sports Therapy Organisation;

Hello, I’m Ryan Keats the Sports Massage Therapist at Lushington Chiropractic. I am based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and have years of experience treating guests from sedentary to Olympic level. I have written this blog to share what motivates and inspires me to be a Sports Therapist and Massage Therapist at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne town centre.

About me

I studied a BSc Sports Therapy at the University of Kent. After completing my degree I graduated with upper second-class honours. Once I qualified I wanted to come back and begin practice in Eastbourne, and its surrounding towns in Sussex.

In 2016 I became a member of the “Sports Therapy Organisation” (MSTO). The “Sports Therapy Organisation” is the UK’s Premier Professional Association for Professional Sports Therapists, Sports Injury and Soft Tissue Therapists.

My Inspiration

My inspiration to become a Sports Therapist began in my childhood as my life has been devoted towards helping people. I grew up caring for my younger sister who is mentally and physically impaired. As I grew up I realised I wanted to apply myself in a career where I could help people. I was particularly drawn to working with people with disabilities. At first I considered training as a physiotherapist to work with Paralympians. However, the more I found out about the physiotherapy (there’s even a course in Eastbourne) and sports therapy I realised I was more interested in the hands-on approach that comes with Sports Therapy.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a type of treatment I love to do, and use on a daily basis. I treat post event massage at marathons including the London Marathon for the Children’s trust. My expertise in assessment, functional testing, scar tissue therapy, ultrasound therapy and rehabilitation therapy marries in with my sports and therapeutic massage skills, making me an excellent practitioner for all specific needs.

I’ve always been passionate about helping others, not only with my Sports Therapy. I’ve done voluntary work since childhood. I was made an Ambassador for the University of Kent, for my services to the surrounding community. I’m particularly pleased to have been part of a team of 4 who raised 3.7million for Cancer research UK.

Joining Lushington Chiropractic

I’d known about Lushington Chiropractic’s reputation for a number of years as I grew up in Eastbourne. The clinic has an excellent reputation in the chiropractic and massage therapy world. I’d been able to observe one their chiropractors whilst I was still a student and jumped at the chance to work with them, when a position became available.

Our clinic is the largest chiropractic clinic in Eastbourne. As well as the team of chiropractors they have some excellent Sports Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Counsellors etc. The high standard of work is reflected by the various awards and accolades they’ve been awarded.

The clinic has an emphasis on being caring and through, focusing treatment to meet each person’s individual needs. This kind of genuine caring focus on the individual person was exactly what I was looking for.

As well as being a part time carer, sports coach and physical therapist for the Eastbourne Borough academy, most of my time and focus is now at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne.

I was delighted when James (the clinic director) at Lushington Chiropractic asked me to join the team. The longer you work here the more you realise how passionate the clinic director is and the whole team are about chiropractic treatment and massage therapy, and for the caring about their clients here at Lushington Chiropractic.

I’m very much a people person and love to spend time with my family and friends within Eastbourne, East Sussex. I’ve always been sporty and enjoy competing in sports on a regular basis.

If you considering sports massage therapy and you living or around the Eastbourne area, then I’d love to see you. My clients come from across Sussex and if you have any questions please call the clinic and I’ll be happy to help.

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Kim Brown team image

Massage Therapist

Kim Brown



Kim Brown – Sports & Massage Therapy Eastbourne

My name is Kim Brown and I’m one of the sports massage therapists here at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne. I’ve been working here since January 2017. I’m originally from London but have always loved the outdoor life and visits to Eastbourne and its surrounding areas were regularly enjoyed. I now live in Battle, 1066 country. I came to the Weald after completing my studies at Marylebone Girls School to work with horses in a hunter livery yard. When my British Horse Study Exams were finished I decided it was time for University, so back to London! I had worked in several small gyms in Sussex but realised that I wanted to learn more so studied Sports Science at Brunel.

London School of Sports Massage

I had heard and it’s certainly true that the London School of Sports Massage was the best place to learn. It had a great reputation and covers all the best massage techniques. The founder Mel Cash, is still very much involved with the day to day teaching at the college and it has a high level of accreditation – now at Level 6.

It really was the best thing I’ve ever done and I’ve been able to practice all the skills and have been so many opportunities here at Lushington to expand on what I’ve learned. Massage can help so many different conditions and scientific studies are constantly discovering more ways that massage can help with certain conditions.

Keeping fit and active

As a keen athlete and dancer myself, for years I’ve been interested in the body, the way it works, the way it moves and why it becomes out of balance and dysfunctional. I’ve always been active and I love training and competing in endurance events such as Triathlon, road racing and sea swimming.

During this time I’ve had my share of injuries, stress fractures, torn muscles, degeneration and over-use injuries. I’ve sought help but often in the start did not know where to look, it took some time to find treatments that I enjoyed and responded well to. All of these different treatments, acupuncture, different styles of massage therapy, osteopathy, have helped me to develop my style.

One of my own earliest experiences of massage was ‘Shiatsu’. One of my dance teachers practised it on me, this Japanese form of massage works on adjusting the body’s’ physical structure for balanced and complete body flow. I was fascinated and couldn’t wait to learn more about it. It made me realise the importance of health and wellbeing and the fact that you have to work at it! You have to work hard to keep your body in alignment and to keep all the systems in balance.

As a sports massage therapist I enjoy keeping people active and for them to be able to enjoy what they do – that’s why I made massage therapy my profession.

How Massage can help you?

If you are in pain, discomfort or just need to relax your muscles, I want to help. I have good experience and results with athletes, runners, swimmers, tennis players, cricketers, young and old. I can also help with remedial massage, helping to relieve muscle soreness, fatigue, and immuno dysfunction disorders. Some gentle mobilisation techniques can be effective on stroke patients.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage uses a variety of techniques, it can involve friction work, stretching techniques, trigger point therapy and tends to be a deeper and more intense form of massage. Its aim is to ‘fix’ the problem, different techniques are used to soften the stress and tension that can build up after any physical activity. You don’t need to be injured to need a sports massage, if you feel stiff or fatigued during your training, book in to see me.

Treatment Plan

I tailor my treatment to suit you and your needs and will work with you to achieve your goals. I’ll assess your posture, muscle tone and mobility, I’ll be looking for areas of imbalance and dysfunction and a formulate a treatment plan just for you to ease discomfort and pain, working towards full rehabilitation.

Improve your posture

I’ve witnessed first-hand how activities how other therapies such as Yoga and Pilates can improve, posture, flexibility and muscle tone and I will often give Yoga style stretches as part of a rehabilitation program. You can also pick up some top posture tips here at Lushington by attending one of our FREE Back Care Talks, they are held every Wednesday, just give us a call to get booked in.

Personal Development

Since qualifying at the LSSM, I’ve continued studying and enjoy learning new techniques that I can put into practice. I recently attended a gait analysis biomechanics course which looked into improving running efficiency and a myofacial release technique workshop which uses a subtler way of moving the skin and muscles.

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Oliver Ody team image

Massage Therapist

Oliver Ody

MSc(Ex. Phys), BSc(HONS)


Oly Ody- Sports & Massage Therapy Eastbourne

MSc (EX.Phys) BSc Hon

Hello, I’m Oly Ody one of the Sports and Remedial Massage Therapists at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne.

I have always had a passion for sports and fitness even from a young age. It seemed only natural to take my passion further and make it my career.

Studying in Eastbourne

I studied an MSc degree in Applied Exercise Physiology and a BSc Honours degree in Sports Science at the University of Brighton, Eastbourne Campus. I then went on to complete my Level 3 personal training qualification. My training enables me to specialise in Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Performance, Aerobic Conditioning, Weight Loss and Management, Muscle Development and Tone, Core Strength and Stability, Group and Bootcamp Fitness, Injury rehabilitation, Individually Tailored Training Programmes and Sports Nutrition.

Personal Training

For the past 7 years I have been providing an elite and professional personal training and strength and conditioning service. I have worked with a wide range of clientele including national champions and elite athletes as well as providing research and scientific reports to professional sports clubs. Equally rewarding is my work with sedentary and elderly clients and those with special needs who need physical rehabilitation. I get great enjoyment being able to help clients improve themselves and feel immense pride when they achieve their goals.

I now offer online personal training with a variety of packages. Foundation, Intermediate and Desk Job Fix packages that offer simple, safe and effective exercises for 8 weeks, all laid out for your allowing you to start straight away. I can also offer Bespoke online training, 100% personalised to suit you and considering all aspects of your exercise and health history and can be done in the gym, outside or at home.

Sports Massage Therapy and Lushington Chiropractic

In 2014 I complimented my personal training business with Sports Massage Therapy. It was a natural progression and led to me assisting the Samoan Rugby Team to assist the physiotherapists in treating the players during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. It also led to Lushington Chiropractic!

The Clinic Principal James Revell trained with me and here I am! I’ve met some amazing guests here and helping them on their own health journey and achieving their goals is really satisfying. My specialism in athletic/strength development and injury rehabilitation and my experience in strength and conditioning combined with sports massage therapy gives me a two-pronged focus at helping them combat their injuries.

Personal Development

As for me personally since working at the clinic I’ve benefited and progressed as a therapist, being able to constantly converse with such a highly qualified and professional team is hugely important to growing within a profession. I continually take courses to further increase my knowledge and practical abilities to provide a top-level service.

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Lizzie Wright team image

Massage Therapist

Lizzie Wright



Lizzie Wright- Sports Massage Therapist Eastbourne.

Associate Sports and Soft Tissue Massage Therapist. BSc (HONS) Sport Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage. Member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA).

Hi everyone, I am Lizzie Wright and I am a sports massage therapist at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne town centre. I am writing this blog to let everyone know a little about myself and what interested me in sports massage and how it can help you.

I studied BSc Sport Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I graduated in 2017 with a First Class Honours with SMA accreditation. After qualifying I came back to Eastbourne, my home town, and started working at Lushington Chiropractic.


I grew up here in Eastbourne and became a member of Eastbourne Swimming Club where I swam competitively and was Girls Captain for 8 years before I left for university.

I swam at numerous county and regional competitions and was selected twice to represent the South of England at the ESSA national schools competition held in Liverpool. As well as swimming for my university at numerous BUCS championships.

2018 will be the first year that I would have not competed, which is a little strange.

Now that I have taken time away from swimming I spend my time teaching and training the next generation of young swimmers. I am a qualified Level Two swim teacher and work for a small swim school in Eastbourne called Eastbourne Otters, as well as volunteering twice a week to teach for Eastbourne Swimming Club.

Swimming is such an important life skill and it often leads and introduces them to the sport of swimming and the benefits that it brings.

Sports Massage:

As a competitive swimmer I surprisingly didn’t have too much experience of sports massage and it was not until I went to university that it was fully introduced to me. It was my swimming ability that put me on the sporting spectrum and I quickly became very interested in the science that existed within competitive sport.

I was especially interested in how the body functions when exposed to the huge demands placed upon it during challenging training sessions and competitions. This interest ultimately led me to study Sport Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Event work:

It was when I was away studying at university that I massaged at events such as the London Marathon, the Cardiff Half Marathon and several British University College Sports (BUCS) National swimming competitions.

It was at such events that I saw the true effects massage can bring to sports people. With weekend events, pre event massage can help prepare for the race, where post event massage helps repair and recovery.

I saw first-hand the benefits of sports massage as the performance from the athletes significantly improved.

Working with the Welsh Triathlon:

I had the opportunity to work closely with the Welsh Triathlon and a full range of high quality sporting athletes. I would observe training sessions as well as competition performances and analyse the individual’s technique. I soon noticed correlations between movement patterns and weaknesses/tightness in the performer’s movements.

This allowed me to note where the athlete was showing signs of weak or tight muscles or joints that could lead to future injuries. We then tailored strength and conditioning sessions as well and massage sessions around those areas to help strengthen weak muscles and relax and treat tight muscles that were prohibiting movement patterns.

After 6 months of implementing this programme we actively reduced the number of athletes obtaining injuries from training and performances.

Working at Lushington Chiropractic:

I approach working at Lushington the same way. Observations are key.

Most injuries obtained come from repetitive movements or poor movement patterns. For example one of the most common reasons for back pain is poor posture. This isn’t just about when walking and standing; it’s your average daily activities.

I enjoy working at Lushington Chiropractic as everyone is very welcoming and have high professional standards with their main goal being to help and educate as many people they can to ensure their wellbeing and health.

What I find remarkable is the way multi disciplines work together to truly help the individual client. Lushington Chiropractic is a place of excellence with a friendly atmosphere located in the heart of Eastbourne town. If you are living with achy muscles or joints, why don’t you pop it to see us?

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Ben Gibbons team image

Massage Therapist

Ben Gibbons


Ben Gibbons – Sports Massage Therapist

Ben Gibbons qualified as a massage therapist in early 2015 and has been developing his practice to encompass treatments for a wide range of conditions. As well as massage to promote wellbeing and relaxation, he treats clients to aid with injury prevention and rehabilitation. By combining numerous techniques including deep tissue, soft tissue release, passive mobilisation and stretching, he can work with you to achieve your health goals.

Ben is also a qualified teacher working at the College of Classical Massage in Brighton. Having started as a teaching assistant, he now runs the Introductory Massage programme and teaches on the ITEC Diploma course.

Outside of massage therapy, Ben is a strong believer in giving back to the community. In 2016 he was part of a team of three massage therapists who raised over £1000 to aid refugees in Calais. During the winter months, he regularly volunteers to help the homeless in his home town of Brighton.

Ben has a strong background in sport. A keen gym goer from the age of 12, his interests have evolved from running to powerlifting and now triathlons. Ben ran the Brighton Triathlon this year and is now training for the Brighton Half Marathon.

His approach to therapy is holistic: recognising that pain is usually a symptom of an underlying cause, he will take this into account in his treatment by identifying the biomechanics that underpin the problem and understanding this in relation to the client’s lifestyle.

Massage therapy then becomes part of a greater picture to promote wellbeing, good posture and optimum health. Our bodies work hard for us, we live in them 24/7 and they deserve all the care we can give them! Ben always strives for lasting change, not a temporary fix.

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Claire Wood team image

Clinic Assistant

Claire Wood


Claire Wood– Clinic Assistant

Hello, my name is Claire and I’m one of the Clinic Assistants at our busy and popular chiropractic clinic here in Eastbourne town centre. As well as supporting the chiropractors my colleagues and I also support the massage therapists and other practitioners. The most important people to us though are you, our patients (our guests).

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Eastbourne, then either myself or one of my colleagues will be answering the phone and meet you when you arrive. I love my job here and I’m passionate about helping people. I look forward to meeting you when you come to the clinic. In between times I thought I’d share how I ended up working at a chiropractors and how the chiropractic treatment has helped me.

Working at a Chiropractors in Eastbourne

Growing up in Eastbourne I’d never heard of chiropractic, let alone considered that I might one day end up working at a chiropractic clinic. But, life can be full of twists and turns and you never know where the next twist or turn may lead you. After 10?? Years in the civil service, I never expected to find such a caring, varied and genuinely rewarding role as this one.

It all started with an advert in the Eastbourne Herald for a clinic assistant at a chiropractic clinic. I applied for the position and was delighted when I was successful in gaining the role as a clinic assistant. I hadn’t worked in a customer facing role before. I was a little daunted, but also excited about the opportunity to help people. I soon realised that working at the clinic offered tremendous job satisfaction and opportunities to learn.

The years have flown by since I first joined the clinic back in 2011. I thoroughly enjoy it and am touched to be a part of a team helping so many people in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas.

My Chiropractic Journey

Joining Lushington Chiropractic was transformational in several ways for me. The clinic looks after it’s team with training and courses to develop our knowledge and skills. I’ve attended several chiropractic seminars and enjoy our monthly in-house clinical training sessions. We also have a fun and supportive team of chiropractors, massage therapists and a range of other practitioners at the clinic.

But the biggest benefit I’ve enjoyed about working here has been the improvement in my quality of life with the chiropractic treatment. Before starting here I knew chiropractic treatment could help with backache and neck pain. However, I hadn’t realised that chiropractors can help with so much more.

I’ve suffered with endless migraines and headaches coming up from my neck since childhood. My way of dealing with these headaches and migraines was to reach for the painkillers and rest.

I resigned myself to living with them. Anyone who has ever had a migraine knows how debilitating they can be. Chronic pain with no sign of relief was depressing and exhausting. When I applied for the clinic assistant job here I hadn’t thought that a chiropractor would be the person to help me.

Within a few weeks of trying chiropractic treatment I started to notice an improvement. I had been a little nervous about the chiropractic adjustments, but I found that the treatment was so effective there was no stopping me. My headaches became rare and the treatment even seemed to be preventing my migraines.

I now have chiropractic care alongside massage which has continued to keep my headaches and migraines at bay most of the time. When I do get the odd flare up, I manage them without painkillers and use chiropractic treatment to make a difference, rather than masking it with painkillers.

Chiropractic treatment has improved my outlook and attitude to my own health, which along with all the health training and education at our clinic has had a positive impact on my wellbeing and quality of life.

If you know anyone else in or around Eastbourne suffering with headaches then I’ll be happy to share my experience. I now realise that headaches are one my chiropractors favourite things to treat! My only regret is that I hadn’t tried it sooner – like decades ago!

Passion for People

I’ve talked about finding chiropractic and my own personal journey but I also wanted to share with you the most enjoyable part of my job, which is the time I spend at reception with our lovely patients (we prefer to use the term “guests”).

The clinic has a genuinely caring, warm and welcoming feel about it. There’s a real sense of community in the clinic, with the practitioners and clinic assistants working together to look after our guests as well as we can. I am very proud to work with such a team of people dedicated here in my home town of Eastbourne.

You’ll always find me happy in my work, I enjoy meeting new people at the clinic and looking after anyone who’s new to chiropractic. I am always happy to help answer any questions you may have and to give support where needed.

I’d like to thank the whole team, in particular my chiropractor Mykel Mason DC,LRCC,MChiro, massage therapist Sue HudsonBSc(HONS),LSSM,mIRSM and to our guests who chose us to help them as their chiropractic and massage treatment in Eastbourne.

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Judy Fowler team image

Clinic Assistant

Judy Fowler


Judy Fowler – Clinic Assistant

My name is Judy, I have been working as a clinic assistant at multi award-winning Lushington chiropractic here in Eastbourne since January 2014

When job hunting after 13 years in the same job I thought all I wanted was a ‘quiet little job’ in a back office somewhere, then I saw the advertisement for a clinic assistant at Lushington Chiropractic, I thought I would apply and see what happened, Well I got the job!!

Working at a chiropractor in Eastbourne

It couldn’t be more different from my original thoughts!  The job is very varied, people are often surprised that we don’t sit behind a desk all day long! We are always running around dealing with the washing between answering the phones and making appointments  But I love my job, I love meeting new people and hopefully putting them at their ease if it is their first visit to our popular clinic. I also really enjoy seeing regular faces each week, we really value our longstanding guests.

No two days are the same and sometimes I feel ‘braindead’ at the end of the day but it is very satisfying!!

All the team members are so friendly and welcoming and extremely knowledgeable, and I feel I am always learning, one of my favourite sayings is ‘every day is a school day’!

Every few weeks.

What I didn’t know about Chiropractic before I joined the team

I didn’t know that Chiropractors here at Lushington chiropractic treat muscle, joint and trapped nerve type problems in all parts of the body not just backs.

I was amazed to find out that they can treat all ages from tiny babies to very senior citizens.

I have had chiropractic treatment and massage myself for a shoulder and back problem and it has really helped me a lot, I now know a lot more about what not to do to try to stop the problem reoccurring.

Lushington and Health

One of the things I think is unique about the clinic is the fact that the practitioners at Lushington work together for the maximum benefit of the guests, so quite often a guest will have chiropractic treatment from one of our 4 chiropractors combined with a massage with one of our 4 highly qualified massage therapists which produces effective results quickly.

The chiropractors and massage therapists meet every week to discuss cases so that the treatment can be very specific and personalized to each person

Guests who combine their treatment adjust well and adjustments tend to last longer

The long -term solution is a commitment to overall wellness. The key to healthy living, ‘wellness’ is a comprehensive approach to care that focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal itself when properly maintained and protected

The clinic is able to offer the services of a Nutritionist, acupuncturist, podiatrist and homeopath, all of whom can help you on your road to recovery.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experience of working at and being a guest of Lushington Chiropractic, if you need a little bit of help with something you have been ‘putting up’ with or have just started suffering from you couldn’t be in safer hands, just give us a call and hopefully I will be speaking to you soon!

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Carole Henderson team image

Clinic Assistant

Carole Henderson


Carole Henderson – Clinic Assistant

Lucky Me and Lucky Eastbourne

Hi I’m Carole one of your clinic assistants here at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne. I started here in March 2015, to cover maternity leave and the time has just flown by since then. During this time, not only have I learned about the role of the clinic assistant, but also how to look after myself and keep myself healthy.

I’ve lived all my life in Sussex but the best part of it in Eastbourne. I had often walked past Lushington Chiropractic, with its door open invitingly but had never had the occasion to venture in. It’s a varied job here as we’re Eastbourne’s largest chiropractic clinic!

I knew it would be a busy clinic, and that as well as chiropractic the clinic had a range of other practitioners as well. However, what I hadn’t expected was the difference chiropractic treatment could make to such a variety of people and conditions. I thought that chiropractic treatment was just for back pain. However, in reality, people were seeing the chiropractors for help with a wide range of conditions from headaches to shoulder pain, knee pain or to help with their arthritis and muscle spasms.

Customer Service and Our Mission

I still remember starting here. The other clinic assistants and Clinic Director James Revell DC,LRCC,BSc,BSc,MSc were all lovely. They took me though all the training I needed. I was pleased that there was a focus on customer service and I resonated with the clinic’s mission statement.

Lushington Chiropractic’s mission is to provide a warm and welcoming clinic, which consistently delivers the best possible customer service, expert diagnosis and personalised healthcare.

The clinic has won various awards for its customer service, ethical practices and the chiropractic treatment. I appreciate being part of a team who genuinely care about the people they see and the work they do.

Part of our clinic values are to help our local community. The chiropractors and team at the clinic do various charity fundraising initiatives. They also provide discounted and sometimes free chiropractic treatment to ex-service personnel, children and other special groups.

As well as treating people, the chiropractors and other practitioners have written a wide range of chiropractic and health blogs. The aim of the blogs is to help local Eastbourne people as well as the wider community.

The blogs explain more about the treatments and techniques used by the chiropractors, sports massage therapists and the other practitioners that work with us. Lushington Chiropractic has a large, established team of practitioners, with a wide range of experience and knowledge, which they share in their blogs, not just to benefit local people here in Eastbourne but anyone who’s looking for information, help and advice.

A few of my favourite blogs are: Supplements for energy, the use of probiotics, sleep secrets and how to manage stress. A number of people like the comparison blogs too, for example how acupuncture compares to chiropractic or the differences between osteopathy and chiropractic.

My Regular Chiropractic Treatment

Having suffered with minor lower back problems for many years and just putting up with it, my training & increased knowledge of chiropractic since working at Lushington Chiropractic, made me realise the importance of maintenance treatment.

During my time working at our chiropractic clinic here in Eastbourne, I have had regular chiropractic treatment with Doctor of Chiropractic Mykel Mason DC,LRCC,MSChiro.

When Something Else Goes Wrong

Sometimes when you see me at the front desk, I might tell you that your chiropractor is running a few minutes late. This is often because a guest has presented with a different problem to the one that the chiropractor has been treating them for. Diagnosing & treating this new problem in addition to the existing problem takes the chiropractor extra time. Well that is exactly what happened to me recently. I woke up with severe back pain, and was pleased that not only did I work at a chiropractors, but that I had an appointment booked that morning. I presented for my usual chiropractic treatment with my new problem as well. I didn’t know what had caused it, and I was relying on my chiropractor to find the problem and fix it.

Different Chiropractic Treatment Techniques

I don’t know what happened to cause my severe back pain that morning; I was ok one day but not the next.

When I woke with severe back pain, I knew from the clinic that ice could help. I tried icing with an ice pack that I had already brought from the clinic. Although it did help, I realised I was really going to need my chiropractic treatment that day.

Mykel was kind and caring. He explained that the muscles in my back had contracted and locked to protect my spine from injury, which was why I was in such discomfort. During that first week, I had 3 chiropractic treatments with Mykel and a sports massage.

Mykel used some chiropractic treatment techniques that I’d never encountered before during my regular treatments. He used some repetitive stretching techniques to reduce stiffness in my muscles and at the same time to my increase my mobility, the lower half of the chiropractic bench was moving from side to side. Massage also helped relieve the stiffness in my muscles. Rock Tape was used to relieve swelling.

The following week I had a further 2 chiropractic treatments and another massage. The chiropractic and sports massage treatments, combined with their advice really helped. I was well on the way to recovery.

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Theresa ODriscoll team image

Clinic Assistant

Theresa ODriscoll


Theresa O’Driscoll – Clinic Assistant

Hello Eastbourne

My name is Theresa and I am one of the clinic assistants at our multi award winning Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne town centre. Lushington Chiropractic Clinic is one of the largest and busiest chiropractic, sports massage and acupuncture clinics in Eastbourne and Sussex. We’ve seen many thousands of local people from across Eastbourne, Seaford, Hailsham and surrounding areas.

I was born and raised in Eastbourne and have a fairly good knowledge of local businesses and was already aware of Lushington Chiropractic before I saw the job vacancy. I knew the chiropractic clinic had a good reputation in the town but it wasn’t till I worked here that I realised how busy they are and how many people use these chiropractors.

At school my favourite lesson was biology and I have always had a great fascination and interest in the human body and its amazing working. In 2005 I gained a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and a Diploma in Holistic Therapies (aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage and reflexology), which I studied locally in Eastbourne. This, combined with passion for working with people makes Lushington Chiropractic a particularly rewarding place to work.

What is a Chiropractic Clinic Assistant?

The clinic assistant role is much more than the usual receptionist role and is daily more varied and demanding. The role is challenging but being part of an enthusiastic and award winning team that is totally committed to making a difference to people’s lives in the Eastbourne community is extremely rewarding and satisfying.

The clinic assistant’s role is responsible for attending to our guests (patients) as front of house host, office organisation and administrative duties, laundering gowns and towels, telephone enquiries and also being involved in open days and many promotional events.

At Lushington Chiropractic the whole team are looked after very well. We have on-going training to improve the service we deliver to people. We even attend chiropractic conferences to continue our professional development.

Are you Looking for an Eastbourne Chiropractor?

Multi- tasking is probably the main prerequisite! As one of 4 clinic assistants we spend a lot of time talking and building up a rapport with our guests.

Some people are nervous about seeing a chiropractor for the first time. It’s really rewarding for us because we know our team of chiropractors are kind, caring and considerate. We love to help people who are new to the clinic, often we can be the bridge between the chiropractor and the guest.

The clinic assistant role offers the chance to be part of an excellent professional team and to contribute and add value to the local community here in Eastbourne.

My introduction to Chiropractic in Eastbourne

Like most people in Eastbourne I’d heard of Lushington Chiropractic Clinic before I thought of working here.

However, I didn’t realise that as well as chiropractor treatment they had so many other professional treatments until my Dad went there for treatment. My Dad first came here for some treatment of his low back pain.

Dad got on so well with his treatment that I thought I’d try chiropractic as well. I saw Mykel Mason (chiropractor) for help with my headaches and hip/back pain and stiffness. Being an all-natural approach and medicine free treatment chiropractic has for me been the most effective approach.

Even my partner now has regular chiropractic care for long standing sporting problem. As well as chiropractic treatment he has regular massage treatments from Ryan Keats for regular maintenance to help his mobility.

One of the great things about working at our chiropractic clinic is that it’s got such a good reputation in Eastbourne. Pretty much anyone that’s been here has felt better for it. Eastbourne’s a small town I love the way our clinic has become part of the locally community for many people.

Even my two sons and one of their fiancées have come for chiropractic treatment. They responded very quickly, enabling them to be almost pain free. Our chiropractors sometimes do complimentary health talks, which I’d recommend too.

Lushington Chiropractic Clinic is Eastbourne’s largest and busiest chiropractic clinic. We have a team of 6 chiropractors, each with their own speciality and personal approach. A couple of my friends have particularly enjoyed having acupuncture included as part of their chiropractic treatment. If that’s something you’d like to know more about then just ask when you call.

You’ll find your treatment and care will be tailored to your needs. Our chiropractors provide every person with their own individual care plan. You’ll reap the benefits of treatment, and enjoy care from a friendly and down-to-earth chiropractor. The many amazing testimonials and google reviews are testament to the fact that at Lushington there is something for everyone.

There For You

So, I have shared with you my role as a clinic assistant and my own personal chiropractic journey.
I am proud and dedicated to be such an important part of the amazing team at Lushington Chiropractic. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing and helping our guests improves on their own chiropractic or health journey.

Lastly and personally I really want to help make a difference to your (as the clinic guest) experience and support you in any way I can, whether its answering any questions you may have or passing on your comments to any of the team.

So I look forward to meeting you and helping in any way I can.

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