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Are you in pain?

More and more people are using chiropractic to help them. Our chiropractors in Eastbourne have already helped thousands of local people. So you can rest assured you’re in safe, professional hands.

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We love questions. See our FAQ’s to find out more about chiropractic and the clinic. We love taking time to explain things.

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Award Winning Chiropractic Treatment

Our Eastbourne Chiropractic Clinic is based in Eastbourne town centre with Free Parking. Most of our patient’s are referred to us by word of mouth. We’re proud of our many awards but also our reputation and the kind words of our patients.

Image shows Lushington's Victoria White holding a glass of homemade fruit smoothie, she made a small change to bring her lunch to work.

Small Changes That Make A Big Difference There are some small changes that can make a big difference, read on to find out more. Bringing Your Lunch To Work Often when we’re busy it’s tough to find the time to pre-prepare our lunch and bring it to work with us. This means we tend to...

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Image shows clinic assistant at Lushington Chiropractic, seated behind the reception desk giving a thumbs up sign.

Hi, I’m Theresa O’Driscoll a clinic assistant/receptionist at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne and in this blog I would like to share some information with you on our frequently asked questions about Chiropractic. I have been lucky enough to have worked at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne since July 2016 and along with my three-other clinic assistant...

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Help for Back Pain Sufferers

Back pain is one of the most commonly requested problems from our patients and that's why we have created the Back Blog. To help educate you and remove back pain from your life altogether. Our skilled team of experienced chiropractors in Eastbourne can help with all types of back pain from, sciatica, chronic back pain and herniated discs. For more information call us today on 01323 722499.

Welcome to “Back Blog”. This site has been built by Lushington Chiropractic to share tips and information so you can get the most out of your chiropractic care, or avoid having to see us in the first place.

Award Winning Chiropractors in Eastbourne

Lushington Chiropractic an award-winning chiropractic clinic in Eastbourne town centre. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist in the Eastbourne area, or are suffering with back ache, joint pain, muscle spasms etc then, call 01323 722499 or contact us. We'll be pleased to answer any questions, arrange an appointment or help in anyway.

Since opening in 2005, we’ve become Eastbourne’s most popular chiropractic clinic, helping thousands of people from across Eastbourne and Sussex area.

Meet Our Team of Chiropractors in Eastbourne

Our team believes in providing the best possible chiropractic treatment, customer service and genuinely personalised care, which means each of our patients are personally important to us.

Our chiropractors are very caring, thorough and follow the Royal College of Chiropractor’s Gold Standard models of chiropractic treatment. We’ve won awardsfor our customer service, ethical practice and clinical care.

Our chiropractors know that explaining and giving advice is the cornerstone to getting the best possible results, prioritising your needs – not just the chiropractors!

We’re honoured by the kind words of our patients, countless testimonials, our reputation and results, which is why we’re very picky about who works here.

Since opening in 2005, Lushington Chiropractic has grown to become the busiest and biggest chiropractic clinic in Eastbourne. Last year alone we carried out almost 20,000 chiropractic treatments and new consultations. The majority of which were personally recommended to us.

Expert Chiropractic Advice

As reflected by the work we’ve done on these blogs we’re also passionate about reaching out to help our community with our chiropractic expertise, as well as fundraising for charities and helping local groups who may need us.

Even though we’re Eastbourne’s busiest chiropractic clinic, we know there are many more people in Eastbourne and surrounding areas, who’ll benefit from the chiropractic advice in these blogs. The blogs reflect the common questions our expert chiropractors get asked, and the advice and explanations they share with their patients.

Our team have a vast amount of experience to draw on, we’re used to helping routine problems as well as more severe and complicated ones. We hope these chiropractic blogs will help more people throughout Sussex, across the UK and perhaps further.

We’re delighted when someone share’s our blogs and hard work but please do it properly, using the social media share buttons or linking back to that blog’s URL on BackBlog directly.

Searching BackBlog for Health & Chiropractic Advice

The main aim of BackBlog is to provide information about conditions, self-help tips and some social insights as to what goes on behind the scenes in our chiropractic clinic on a day-to-day basis.

The “Health and Advice from Expert Chiropractors in Eastbourneblogs focus on clinical advice, self-help tips, explanations about various conditions that we often get asked about in our Eastbourne chiropractic clinic.

If you’ve come to this site because you’re looking for advice about a specific condition like Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, or slipped discs, then put it in the search bar to see if we’ve written about it yet. We’ve also written self-help blogs like Spinal Disc Care Advice, Knee Exercises and Back Ache Prevention when Gardening. Or you can scroll through all our  “Health and Advice from Expert Chiropractors in Eastbourne” blogs by clicking on that link.

Lots of our local, Eastbourne chiropractic patients visit BackBlog to see what goes on behind the scenes at their chiropractic clinic. The “Chiropractic Chat” blogs are more socially focused. They cover why some of our team decided to become a massage therapist, or chiropractor here in Eastbourne, as well as a few blogs about our chiropractic charity work in Eastbourne too.

You’ll also find a number of blogs written by our lovely Clinic Assistants (CAs), without their support at front desk we couldn’t do what we do. One popular one is their “Behind the Scenes” blog.

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